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{ Hour of Code } – Updated

UPDATE Another big thanks to all those that participated in the Hour of Code on Wednesday 18th December 2013. As a result, Google have given us 5 free Raspberry Pis (worth over £100). I’m now looking for a few small teams to come up with some cool ideas to get the most out of them.There [&hellip…

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The Performance Tables letter

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Excellent news about the Government’s Performance 2013 What do the League Tables tell us about ourselves?  A very great deal.  There are two sets (GCSE and post 16) and they are very detailed.  Among the pointers we can take from them are the following: GCSE Tables Everyone counts, everyone matters at CGS.  We are not [&hellip…

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Simon Heffer Visit 24th January 2014

We were delighted to welcome the distinguished author and journalist, Simon Heffer, to Caistor Grammar School today.  He has been the Deputy Editor of the Daily Telegraph and is currently the senior political columnist for the Daily Mail, as well as having authored several books.  He has also been a judge of the School Newspaper [&hellip…

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