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The “The School that We Are” Letter

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A Wonderful End to our School Year We have enjoyed a tremendous and varied programme of activities over the last few weeks at School; each new event seeming to be more captivating and arresting than its predecessor.  It’s a struggle to keep up with everything that’s been happening, none of which would be possible if [&hellip…

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Year 8 Orienteering

Year 8 got the chance to take maths into the outdoors on our annual orienteering trip. After learning about bearings, map scales, speed, distance and time in the classroom they took on the challenge of the orienteering course in Willingham Woods. A team made up of Xander Ashley-Turner, James Niles, James Bushby and James Martin [&hellip…

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School Walk 2015

Friday 10th July saw a tremendous School Walk. With fantastic weather, all students and staff taking part had an enjoyable day. We were raising money to support Water Aid, could all sponsor money please be taken to Mrs Wilson. Photos from the Walk can be seen here…

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