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Sixth Form School visit to Krakow, Poland

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Our second Sixth Form School visit to Krakow, Poland, took place on the 9th -12th February.  The visit included Auschwitz-Birkenau, The Jewish Quarter, the Galicia Jewish Museum, including a talk with the grandson of Pawel Rosolowski (who was a Holocaust survivor), a tour of the main sights of Krakow and a visit to the Wieliczka salt [&hellip…

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Ski Trip 2017

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On a snowy Friday morning in Caistor, the journey began. Ironically, the one day it snows was the day we were setting off to the Italian Alps. The classic race for the optimal seats began. Filled with excitement and curiosity for the new environment ahead of us, we set to Dover. Anticipations for the trip [&hellip…

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The Nice Land of Iceland

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When someone says ‘Iceland’, you probably imagine igloos and ice hotels of the sort; however in February, it’s a whole different experience. Green grass eclipses the land and waterfalls cascade down mountain sides, a true wonder of nature, although, it is still rather chilly. On Thursday the 9th of February, 43 geographers sauntered sleepily into [&hellip…

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