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Headmaster’s Letter 9th February 2018

Half-term is finally upon us. And even though it has been a short five-week half-term, a lot seems to have been packed in. The ski trip departed this morning and the French Homestay departed yesterday and they will return on Saturday week and Tuesday respectively. This evening, the English department are travelling to Nottingham to [&hellip…

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Sixth Form Theatre trip to Hedda Gabler at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

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Hedda is not an ‘everyday’ kind of woman: she is trapped like an exquisite hummingbird in her own gilded cage, in this case, a beautifully lit empty box, an echo chamber for her desperate loneliness. The Hedda Gabler stage set, lighting and soundscape was breathtaking. Students from Y12 and 13 were treated to a memorable [&hellip…

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