PE Department

Students have the opportunity to select P.E as a GCSE option in KS4. The GCSE course follows the AQA syllabus and requires students to be assessed in 4 activities areas. Two of these areas must be practically based and the other two areas can come from different roles, such as a leader, official, coach or choreographer. The practical aspect of the course contributes to 60% of their final mark and the remaining 40% comes from a written exam. In order to fulfil the requirements of the course students take part in two GCSE P.E lessons per week of one practical and one theory lesson.

Caistor Grammar also offer students the option of completing a AS/A2 qualification in Physical Education and Sport. This also follows the AQA specification and offers a natural progression for GCSE level. However, the main difference is that 60% of their final grades come from a theory exam and 40% from their practical ability. Students at AS Level are assessed in two practical areas and at A2 Level just one practical area. The theory aspect of the course compliments and builds on work covered at GCSE level. Students sit one exam that covers the following units, Anatomy and Physiology, History of Sport and Psychology. For more information please see the P.E Department.

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