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A very, very busy but extremely successful Half Term

Posted on 17th October 2013

A very, very busy but extremely successful Half Term

We are now approaching the end of the first half of the Autumn Term.  Our last School day is Thursday 18 October (so please do not send your child to School on Friday, when we will be having a teachers’ Inset Day instead!)  A remarkable amount has happened in just under 7 weeks.  I am thrilled at the success of all of these activities, and of our sense of momentum and enthusiasm to achieve challenging goals.  There are many demonstrations of these things but the recently issued Year 11 and Year 12 assessments are, in their own way, as good as any.  The next Half Term is a crucial block of learning time and I am sure all our students will be keen to make the most of their opportunities after a well deserved break.

An amazing production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”

As I write, I am still enjoying the warm after glow inspired by seeing the first night of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  It is an extraordinary production which takes the Arts at CGS to new heights.  The professionalism of the acting, musical playing, staging, directing and overall production (right down to the remarkable programmes!) was of the highest quality.  The first night performance was given a standing ovation and I am confident that the next two performances will also merit such acclaim.  Much thanks goes to all of the students who were involved, who, I am sure will all always remember this land-mark event and to many of my colleagues who supported the production, in particular, Mrs Kathleen Watson, Mr Norman Palmer, Mr Michael Robinson, Mr Robert Harris, Mrs Briony McNeilly and Mrs Frances Thompson.  The programme also paid tribute to the large numbers of parents of the school who contributed     particularly Mrs Bernadette Harris, who co-ordinated the production of costumes with support from many but especially Mrs Nicky Colley and Mrs Monica Kent.  I am also very grateful to the ongoing work done by the two Performing Arts Technicians this year, Miss Emily Hood and Miss Megan Thompson.

A memorable Sports Assembly

Last Friday was a really memorable Sports Assembly which celebrated many individuals but also paid tribute to the very large number of students who are involved in the sporting life of the School and whose combined efforts ensure that we are a leading school in the region in sporting achievement and endeavour, as we are in so many other fields.  I am very grateful to the PE Department for all their work in producing this, especially our Head of PE, Mr Andy Shutes.  Numerous students were named as Sports Personalities of the Year and for these students special videos were produced which were of exceptional quality.  The following students will, I am sure, always remember the efforts taken to honour their achievements.  The Sports Personalities of the year were:

Junior boys’ winnerSam Redgate-Large (9X)
Inter boys’ winnerMatthew Travis (11Y)
Junior girls’ winnerGrace McGrory (9Z)
Inter girls’ winnerPollyanna Seamer (11X) and   Rosie Tate (11Y)

An updated “Guidelines to Parents” document

The Governing Body of Caistor Grammar School have recently revised the “Guidelines to Parents Document for a Partnership between the School and the Parents of its Students” and I am taking the unusual step of circulating this to all parents with this letter so that you will all have a good opportunity to read it and consider it.  It is also to be found in the Policies section of our School website.  There are only a small number of changes to the document but they are significant ones.  As I mentioned in previous newsletters, the Government have tightened their requirements as far as school attendance is concerned and reference is made to this in the document (See B2 of the document.)  I hope you will be happy to support this important partnership policy.  The Governors also approved a new Attendance Policy which can be viewed by looking at the Policies section of our School website.  There is also an up to date Complaints Policy to be perused.

Other recent events

Our recent Careers Evening proved to be enormously interesting and stimulating and was attended by a huge number of students and their parents.  You can read of the varied programme of speakers and organisation by looking at the Programme on our School website.  There is a link within the item called “A Successful Careers Evening”.  I am indebted to those who offered their services during the evening and also to the very large number of our own students who helped to make the evening run well.  I am also very grateful to Mrs Jill James, Office Manager and Mrs Linda Cowland, Administration Assistant, for the enormous amount of work they carried out and to Mrs Shona Buck for her co-ordinating role.  We arrange this event every 2 years and it proved once again what a worthwhile event it is in our calendar.

The Year 9/10 Outdoor Pursuits trip recently took place in Castleton, Derbyshire at the Hollowford Activities Centre and was enjoyed by 60 students.  It was run for the first time by Mr Chris Frost who did an excellent job and kept his enthusiastic team of helpers up to the mark.  This included Mr Matthew Calloway, Mrs Emma Marris, Mrs Gill Cook, Mr Jack Goudie and myself.

Our Year 9 Literacy Leaders recently ran a Book Fair and sold over £700 worth of books.  We are grateful to Mrs Katherine Jago, Librarian, for co-ordinating this event.  Y12 have had a very successful Geography field trip recently organised by Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography; and Mr Ed Cook, Deputy Head with support from Mrs Gill Cook.

We are delighted to have hosted a visit from students in Tangshan Foreign Language School, China and especially to the families of many of our International Ambassadors who hosted our visitors.  A new generation of International Ambassadors are now preparing to go to China setting off early in the half term.  We wish them well and thank Mrs Tara Taylor, Head of Biology and Mrs Deborah Craddock, Headmaster’s Secretary, for accompanying them.

Meanwhile, Mr Alan Grantham, our School Sports Partnership School Games Organiser, and Mr Chris Williams, our international consultant have just returned from Senegal where they were developing our ongoing partnership with Tivaouane High School.

And finally….

I wish you an enjoyable half term break.  I look forward to seeing you refreshed and renewed for the start of the next half term on Monday 28th October.   The Autumn Term finishes on Friday 20th December 2013.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely