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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice Expedition 2017

Posted on 24th April 2017

What better way to spend a weekend?

The rolling Lincolnshire Wolds, beautiful blue sky, fields of golden yellow and a brisk northerly breeze to freshen one’s complexion. Oh, and spending the night camping with 47 teenagers on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice Expedition…..

The weekend has been a real success. All 47 students successfully completed their expedition practice. A team of 14 volunteer staff supervisors diligently monitored their group’s progress and took appropriate opportunities to train, support and advise the Year 10 students on some of the “tips of the trade” in negotiating their routes and practicing the dark art of campcraft.

Our students seemed to have actually enjoyed the whole experience! This was witnessed first-hand by our Headmaster, who arrived at first light on Sunday morning, to see for himself how all the hours of DofE training the students had undertaken was being successfully practiced, literally, in the field.

Of course no expedition has ever passed without its challenges, and it’s fair to say that some great learning of “how to” and “how not to” apply their skills and training has taken place, which is the whole point of the practice expedition.

Now our students and volunteer staff are all ready and looking forward to the Assessed Expedition which will take place in 4 weeks’ time. We just hope the weather is half as good again as it has been this weekend!

Click here to see photos from the weekend.