11+ parking. If you are coming to our 11+ tests over the next two weeks, please remember that parking in Caistor is difficult! We would encourage you to use our Sports Field, as indicated on the map which we emailed to you last week. If this is full, please park with consideration towards our local residents. Please also remember to bring a copy of your child's name and seat number

Christmas Evening

Posted on 18th December 2014

Caistor Parish Church was the delightful venue for our Christmas Evening of Carols and Readings earlier this week.  The packed congregation greatly enjoyed the occasion and participated enthusiastically in the singing of the carols.  Particular highlights of the Evening included, an errant Christmas Tree that unaccountably fell on top of our Pianist/Organist Mr Ray Wylie, (The prompt attention of two students saved the day!) and the performances of two choirs, our Chamber Choir and our very large Year 7 Choir.

Thanks go to Mrs Fran Thompson, our Head of Music, Miss Emily Mackin, and Canon Ian Robinson and the Church Wardens who allowed us to use their beautiful church once again.

After the Service we enjoyed a wonderful Reception put on by the Friends of Caistor Grammar School: mulled wine and lamplight conspired to make the Old Hall seem magical!

Please click here to see more photographs from the evening.