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Headmaster’s Letter 10th January

Posted on 10th January 2020

Dear Parent,

Happy New Year and welcome back to not just a new year, but a new decade.

Assembly theme

Our assembly theme for this half-term is from the American motivational speaker Brian Tracy: ‘There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on our own thinking.’

On Monday, I gave the first assembly interpreting this theme, a brief reflection on why many find it a challenge to keep resolutions. Jumping to the end, I’d like to share the last few paragraphs with you as they are pertinent to all students. I hope it sets the tone for this year.

‘Firstly, success means different things to different people. If we can provide you with skills, encourage interests and offer you the resources that means you will achieve your potential, while giving you opportunities to make the most of your life – and to help others that you meet the most of theirs, then we will have accomplished what we set out to do. To be a success, you should identify what this means to you.

‘Secondly, when it comes to exams, there’s a difference between what you ‘want’ and what you ‘need’. Some of you will already have received offers for higher education, apprenticeships and further education; some may even have secured unconditional offers. Well done on that but remember to achieve what you ‘want’ because that sense of fulfilment will sustain you in life.

‘Thirdly, results are simply results. They don’t define who you are but they do open doors. The reason as to ‘why’ we study is more important than what we study. For me, the ‘why’ is that it gives us as many opportunities as possible. Having access to a multitude of opportunities ensures we have a robust and resilient sense of well-being.

‘Finally – be kind to one another. Every year has its own challenges. This will be no different. In these 52 weeks, you will all face circumstances that you will have not encountered before. To quote the novelist Maya Angelou: ‘Kindness sees us through the darkness. THE BEST PART OF LIFE IS NOT JUST SURVIVING, BUT THRIVING WITH PASSION AND COMPASSION AND HUMOR AND STYLE AND GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS.’
Whatever your ambitions or resolutions for the year ahead I wish you all every success.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership Team

I am attaching an advice sheet from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership Team that I hope you will find useful.


At the start of the new year, possibly even a new year’s resolution – I ask that parents don’t use the reserved bus spaces on North Kelsey Road – or the spaces on the opposite side – to drop off children. As you will appreciate, it can become very congested and drop offs are adding to the delays for buses and other road users. Thank you.

Science position

I am sorry to say that Dr Carr, a colleague and formerly a Head of Science at CGS, has had to leave us early due to health reasons. I want to thank him for his contribution this school year and wish him a speedy recovery. We are actively recruiting for a replacement but if you are aware of a KS3 science teacher keen to work for us for a day and a half per week until the end of the year, please ask them to get in contact with me. More details will be on our website soon.

I wish you all a good weekend,

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Hopkins