Headmaster’s Letter 11th June

Posted on 11th June 2021

Dear Parent,

COVID-19 update

Vaccination data for West and East Lindsey authorities is currently very encouraging. Data in The Times shows our first dose vaccination coverage places these areas as 17th and 19th highest respectively out of approximately 343 local authorities. Many parents have been involved in the distribution of vaccines, so I would like to thank them for their work.

As we look to June 21, the next date for the proposed lifting of restrictions, I have been asked by the county to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated when they are contacted by the NHS. The Delta variant is now identified in 90% of positive cases. It is 40% more transmissible, increasing the chance of catching and spreading the virus.

Similarly, please can all who are participating in the NHS testing system continue to do so. Over 98% of students have received the LFD kits. These help to identify asymptomatic cases.

This, in turn, raises the possibility of students having to self-isolate because they have either tested positive or because they have had close contact with a positive case. You will recall the disruption in school in November and December when students were accessing work and lessons from home. Although students have become more resilient to the disruption, missing School has an impact on mental well-being.

Regarding the next steps for schools, the DfE publishes its guidance after the Downing Street news conference. I’ll write to you and students on Friday explaining how, or if, we will change the way we operate in School. Our approach is always safety first.

Our website now includes our COVID recovery plan. It details how we intend to spend our grant to support students’ emotional well-being and academic progress as part of the recovery. You can read it here. [link]


Accompanying my letter, is some information about school uniform and sports kit for the next school year. Clear guidelines help support student well-being – thanks for your support on this.

Dining Hall

A reminder, please, to keep on topping up students’ dining hall accounts.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme – Bronze expedition

Congratulations to the 51 Year 10 students who completed their Bronze expedition last weekend in the Wolds. Unusually, they enjoyed 95% sunshine. Conduct was exemplary with several walkers commenting to staff on how thoughtful students were about maintaining social distance on footpaths and bridleways. Thank you again to our team of volunteers who supported or assessed the students over the weekend. They were Mrs Sharp, Mr Hughes, Mrs Barnett, Dr Wilton, Miss Bowker, Mr Cheung, Mr Colley, Mr Smy, Mr Griffin and Mr Sylvan. I would also like to thank the following volunteers who supported the students in their practice expedition before half-term in May: Mrs Van Zijl, Mr Cooke, Miss Brown, Mr Craig and Mrs McKinsley. Finally, I’d like to highlight the dedication of Miss Dodsworth, our centre manager, who maintained the scheme this year despite the challenges of lockdown.

Preparing for university

The University of Lincoln are holding virtual events for parents of Year 12 and Year 13 students about university application process, finance, studying, etc. There are two events planned later this month, with each focusing on a separate year group. You can book a slot here. [link] I am pleased with the link we have developed with the university over the last few years. To have The Times’ Modern University of the Year so close and supporting the School is something to be proud of.

Congratulations to….

Tyla Harris (Y8) competed in the first round of the British Karting Championship at Shenington over the first weekend of half-term. He’s competing in Kimbolton this weekend.

Daisy Williams (Y10) completed in the Saracen Horse Feeds Houghton International Horse Trials in Kings Lynn over the first weekend of half-term. Jumping in the main International Arena, she started on Friday with top placings and clears on two horses and a double clear on the other horse in a different class. On Saturday, all three horses jumped double clear with several high placings and on Sunday, again one horse got another double clear and qualified for the Championships and a minor error on Daisy’s part ended in a lowered pole.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Hopkins