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The Mixed Emotions Letter

Posted on 27th November 2013

The death of Mrs Pat Osborne

I am very sorry to tell you of the death of Mrs Pat Osborne.  She had been a teacher at Caistor Grammar School for 25 years and during that time had made a huge contribution to language learning in the School, holding a variety of posts:  Head of French, Head of German, Modern Language Co-ordinator, i/c Modern Foreign Language Guests as well as Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator and Head of Ayscough.  She had retired in July of this year, having gone part time a year before to prepare for her retirement.  At a memorable and happy evening in late July, staff gathered to wish her a very happy and long retirement, but tragically that was not to be and she contracted a virulent form of cancer in September.  She faced her condition with impressive dignity and stoicism and drew comfort from her happy family life and many memories from her career at Caistor Grammar School.  We hope to be strongly represented as a School at her funeral and we will post details about this when we have them on our School website.  I have spoken to all students in the School about Mrs Osborne and there is a mood of great sadness as well as a warm appreciation of all that she contributed to the School as a caring, professional and highly talented teacher over many years.

A splendid House Music

We enjoyed an extremely impressive two days of House Music competition last week.  Indeed, once again, our performers and our Sixth Form House Officials excelled.  It was vintage stuff.  Warm congratulations to everyone who was involved!  Our adjudicator, Dr Tim Watson, was delighted by the performances of our students and we thank him very much for his expertise.  We are also grateful to Mrs Fran Thompson, Head of Music, ably supported by the Performing Art Technicians, Miss Emily Hood and Miss Megan Thompson.  As always, we are very grateful to our three Heads of House, Mr Steve Markham, Head of Ayscough, Mrs Louise Triggs, Head of Hansard and Mrs Rachel Dowthwaite, Acting Head of Rawlinson as well as to

Mr Ed Cook, Deputy Head, who is in charge of the House system, and Mr Michael Robinson for his technical assistance.  A large and appreciative audience helped to make our evening performance a great success too.  Thank you for coming if you were there.  Special praise goes to Sixth Form House Officials and to all those students who were here to ensure such a splendid evening.  We are now looking forward to our Autumn Concert in the gym at 7pm on Wednesday 11th December and to our Christmas Evening on Tuesday 17th December in Caistor Parish Church, followed by a reception provided by the Friends of Caistor Grammar School, which is always a highlight of the year.

The Sunday Times “Parent Power” 2013

I am delighted to tell you that Caistor Grammar School is once again the leading school in Lincolnshire in Parent Power for the tenth year running.  It is also the eleventh year running that we have been in the top 100 (and we have been in the top 100 in 14 of the last 15 years).  We are the only school in Lincolnshire in the top 100.  This is a significant achievement made all the more impressive by the fact that we have maintained this record of excellence for so long.  No one performance table on its own should be given undue weight but parents at CGS can be justifiably proud that no such table in recent memory provides anything other than a stunning picture of School success.  Long may this continue!

Parents’ Questionnaire 2013

We have recently held questionnaires of both our staff and student body and we have already begun the process of discussing the Student Questionnaire results at our Sixth Form Council and School Council meetings.  Both of these exercises produced yet more positive results than last year, though they were very positive last year.  Now it is your turn as parents.  We would really appreciate it if you would take the trouble to return the attached questionnaires.  We are providing two but will happily give more copies if they are needed.  We warmly invite you to write comments on as well as to give us more information about your views and we can assure you that what you have to say will be looked at and considered very carefully.  In a world in which many are only moved to comment when they have a complaint, it is an opportunity for you to offer any positive viewpoints as well as any constructive criticisms.

Friends’ Christmas Wish List

Each year the Friends of Caistor Grammar School compile a list with members of staff from the school so that you can support the life of the School for another year if you wish.  The list will be sent out later this week which will have lots of interesting potential presents in it too and I hope you will be inspired to be a generous Santa Claus!  If you wish to find out more about the Wish List or to discuss a potential contribution in some way, then please contact my secretary, Mrs Deborah Craddock at the School.

And finally ………                                                                                                                     

In this letter of mixed emotions, I would like to say how positively once again rose to the challenge of Children in Need with their fancy dress costumes on Friday 15th November.  We raised well over £600 which was a tremendous total.  I am also very grateful to Year 9 for their excellent conduct on the Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre trip and thanks go to Mrs Rachael Gladwin, Head of R.E. for organising this.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely




Parents Questionnaire 2013