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Welcome to the Summer Term

Posted on 22nd April 2013

Highlights of the Half Term

Welcome to the Summer Term 2013.  We hope that the weather lives up to its billing (calling last Term the Spring Term certainly didn’t!).  This half term is a longer than usual six week affair, due to Easter being earlier in the year.  It is a period of time necessarily dominated by examinations, particularly external exams, which students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are busily preparing for, but we also have internal exams for Year 7 starting today and for Year 10 starting on Thursday 2nd May.  Year 8 and 9 have their exams starting on Monday 20th May in week 6.  The Year 8 Parents’ Evening is next Thursday 25th April and we very much hope that all of our Year 8 parents and Year 8 students will be present at that.  35 students in Year 10 involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme will be doing a Bronze practice expedition over the weekend starting Friday 26th April and will have their actual expedition starting on Friday 17th May.  We will be welcoming our new intake – the Year 7 of the 2013/14 academic year on Thursday 9th May and our last day of school for students in Year 11 will be Friday 10th May as it will be for students in Year 12.  The last day for students in Year 13 will be Thursday 23rd May.  Some students in Year 10 will be taking part in a German exchange which sets off on Wednesday 22nd May.  Our School Open Evening will take place on Wednesday 15th May and this is for students who are currently in Year 5 and would hope to join us in September 2014 in Year 7.  You may well know someone who fits into this category.  Please do encourage them to come to this event.  I am thanking you in advance if you are the parent of a student who will be helping us on this Evening since we find that support from students is extremely valuable on this occasion.  There is a Music Department trip to Scunthorpe Baths Hall taking place on Sunday 19th May.

Exams are certainly stressful things and they are best dealt with by being thoroughly prepared.  Revision can be an arduous and lonely business but often works best when it becomes interactive.  Parents help, in offering support in revision (if requested) and in generally providing as stress free a home setting as possible, is very much appreciated by the School.  We will be doing all we can to support students during this difficult time and would encourage you to contact us if your child is getting too stressed.

Some recent achievements to celebrate

I am delighted to celebrate the success of our two Young Enterprise teams at the recent regional finals.  Both of our two companies were successful.  The Scitech company won the Best Team award at the Evening and the Arkhon company won three awards including Best Company Presentation, Best Marketing and Best Company.  Members of the two companies are listed below.  Congratulations to all of them.

Arkhon Company:  Emily Beadle (12GJ), Eilish Brown (12GJ), Adam Butterfield (12GJ), Matthew Colley (12NR), George Cordery (12DW), Ella Cox (12AH), Sally Dowman (12GJ), Jade Follows (12DW), Devon Hill (12DW), Daniel Jacklin (12NR), Harry Holland (12NR), James Lloyd (12DW), Liam McHale (12NR), Adele Mackay (12AH), Emily Mackin (12NR), Philip Moseley (12DW), Roisin Mumby (12AH), Charlotte Paling (12DW), Ruby Tupling (12GJ), Matthew Walker (12DW)

Scitech Company: Natasha Armstrong (12AH), Megan Cook (12NR), Joseph Eyre (12DW), Emily Foster (12NR), Jin Jin Guo (12DW), Martha Goulding (12DW), Alex Hibbert (12DW), Edward Jeavons (12AH), Sam Lomax (12DW), Lauren McKitton (12DW), Mohanad Metwally (12GJ), Sarah Miles (12NR), Adam Osmond 12AH), Billy Smith (12NR), Jordan Spence (12GJ), James Travis (12NR), Tom Wood (12DW).

We would also like to thank our Young Enterprise team advisors, Mr Robin Jackson and Mrs Julia Sowerby for all their help.  We are also grateful to Mrs Louise Triggs who organises our Young Enterprise work in School.

Just before Easter our Year 9 students took part in the annual History Department Balloon Debate competition where, once again, the standard of entry was extremely high.  We are very grateful to Mrs Monica Jacques for adjudicating this and to Mr Marcus Croft, Head of History for organising this.  In 3rd place was James Smith (9Y) as Abraham Lincoln, Ayscough, 2nd was Megan Harding (9X) as Isaac Newton, Rawlinson and in 1st place Orla Knowles (9Y) as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Hansard.  Congratulations to them all!

Congratulations to Year 9 students James Smith, Luke Wakeman, Kellan Masharani, Georgina Cole, Jak Pickerden and Stanley Selden (all in 9Y) who entered a film in the Lincolnshire LGBT History Month competition and won.  Their prize is a year’s subscription to Stonewall’s School Champions programme and a visit from one of the celebrities who work in schools for Stonewall so we are looking forward to welcoming “Billy Elliot the Musical” star, Layton Williams, to Caistor Grammar School.

Congratulations to the following students for their success in gaining prestigious places in the UK-German Connection Summer Schools this year:  Martha Kent (10Y), Eilish Brown (12GJ) and Adam Robinson (12 DW).

At the end of last Term, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were awarded certificates for the REF Ideal awards (Respect, Excellence, Friendship) for the Spring Term.  Well done to Molly Matthews (7X), Jack Tasker (7X), Oliver Marshall (7Z), Arjun Menon (8X), Emma Thomsen (8Y), Grace McGrory (8Z), Michael Trueman (9Z), Ellie Hill (9X), Georgina Cole (9Y).

We have recently said farewell to our guests, Twelimona Wakelele from France and Larissa Kohlhuber from Germany.  They have made a very big contribution to the life of the school in the last few months and we are very grateful to them too.

Every student has talent

Our assembly theme for the first half of the Summer Term is “Every student has talent” and there is no doubt that every student at Caistor Grammar School is academically talented but I am sure that each and every one of us has other special talents too.  The trick in our lives is to find out what they are and to nurture and develop them as far as we are able.  We want to be a school where students respect each other’s talents and where we help each other to become the person we need to be: “To grow through sharing” as our Mission Statement has it.  The premise in our assembly theme is, however, that every student in every school has talent and it is no part of the ethos of our school that our students should think themselves better than others. I am particularly anxious that all our students should be respectful and polite to students at all other local schools and I am sure I can rely on your support to ensure that this is so.

I look forward to seeing you at some point during the Summer Term.

With very best wishes.

Yours sincerely