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Y9 Buoyancy Workshop

Posted on 18th December 2019

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December, each Y9 class took part in a half day buoyancy workshop.  During the workshop, they learnt all about the importance and advantages of careers in engineering, before embarking on their own project to build a boat, using just an A3 sheet of card, tinfoil and sellotape.  The boat had to hold as many marbles as possible.

We welcomed John Lupton from Sea Cadets and Sea Farers UK to deliver the workshop.  He said “The behaviour and work ethos of your pupils was exceptional, all worked very hard during both the demonstration and practical phases of the workshop. In short they are a credit to your school, the staff and of course themselves. All pupils contributed very well, were fully engaged with all activities and managed to design and build a boat that we were able to test. A number of pupils designed and built boats capable of holding afloat over 200 marbles, over 1Kg of glass in boat itself only weighing between 5-6 grams. Others exceed 300 marbles and one over 400 marbles, which is remarkable. However, one achieved a quite astonishing score of 502, over 2.5Kg of glass. The majority of teams scored in excess of 100 marbles which is very good.”