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Year 11 enjoyed a special ‘Last Day’

Posted on 13th May 2016

Year 11 enjoyed a special ‘Last Day’ before their study leave starts with a huge celebration.

Some fantastic outfits and make up helped create a special atmosphere at the start of the day many of which are captured in the photographs available below. Year 11 then enjoyed a collection of photographs covering their last five years at CGS and the chance to munch their way through a pile of donuts in the school’s canteen. Having jumped on two coaches the Paintballing trip to Elsham gave students a chance to let off some steam, and quite a few paintballs, inflicting a few direct hits on the opposing team. We eventually completed the day as the students had started their Year 7 with a walk through the Old Hall door and a shake of Mr Hale’s hand before receiving their Yearbook and some time to share memories and sign each other’s book. A great day!

Thank you to Year 11 and everybody who helped to make this such an enjoyable and special day for Year 11.

Mr Dobson
Head of Upper School

Photos from the day can be see here