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Year 9 visited the National Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire on Thursday 5th November.

Posted on 10th November 2015

During the visit they explored the memorial gardens and spent time reflecting on the events of the Holocaust in the museum. They also had the opportunity to place a stone to remember the one and a half million children that were killed during the Holocaust.


As always the most thought provoking part of the visit was when we heard from a Holocaust survivor. Unfortunately our original speaker Iby Knill, a good friend of Caistor Grammar School (having being our inspirational guest speaker at awards evening) was unable to speak to us on the day due to illness. We wish her well and a quick recovery. Thankfully, we were able to hear from the wonderful Trude Silman, who told us the story of her life from when she was separated from her family at a very young age, in order to escape the Nazis, through to how those events have shaped her life now.


As always our Year 9 were fantastic throughout the day and are a real credit to the school. Well done Year 9. We look forward to building on what we learnt during the day through our upstanding Day in March next year.


I would also like to thank Mr.Hale, Mrs. Wolesley, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. McLaren, Mrs. Jex, Mrs. Sedman, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Niles for all their help and support during the day, without which the day would not have been able to run as smoothly as it did.


Mr. Hay