11+ Parking

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Caistor does have parking problems! The Police have a duty to keep traffic moving.

Parking will be offered at the Sports Club car park on Brigg Road (A1084), at the Town Hall and at the sports ground on North Kelsey Road. The sports ground can be found about 50 metres beyond the School gate, going down to North Kelsey Road on the right hand side. It is signposted-Caistor Town Council.

Please note there is no parking available at the School.

We would ask parents to park their cars sensibly around Caistor especially on North Kelsey Road and only use the left hand side going out towards North Kelsey (away from Caistor). We would ask drivers to have concern for local residents and their rights to access and exit their own properties with ease.

Where possible if you can car share, that will help to ease the parking problem.

We will be starting the tests at any time from 9.45 am to 10.00 am as soon as separate exam rooms become available. Whilst early arrival is welcomed please do not arrive before 9.30am. However no one will be admitted if they arrive after 10 am.

The School will provide pencils and rubbers for the examination. Please do not bring in a pencil case. Can I also remind you that no mobile phones or communication devices including ipods, MP3 players, smart watches etc are allowed in the examination room. The School will only allow normal (silent) wrist watches into the examination rooms.






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