11+ parking. If you are coming to our 11+ tests over the next two weeks, please remember that parking in Caistor is difficult! We would encourage you to use our Sports Field, as indicated on the map which we emailed to you last week. If this is full, please park with consideration towards our local residents. Please also remember to bring a copy of your child's name and seat number


GCSE Results

  • Our Progress 8 score for 2019 was +0.64. In 2018 it was was +0.61. This was significantly above the national average, and in the top 14% of Schools nationally.
  • Our Attainment 8 figure for 2019 was 72.9. In 2018 was 71.0. this compares to the National average of 46.7.
  • 96% achieved a Grade 5 or more in English and Maths. In 2018 this was 93%. This compares to the national average of 43%.
  • 88% of our pupil achieved the English Baccalaureate. In 2018, this was 79% (with passes at grade 5 or above). Our EBacc Average Points Score was 7.09 in 2019, and 6.96 in 2018. This compares to the National Average of 4.07.
  • At A-level, our LV3A value added score for 2019 was +0.01. In 2018 it was +0.07. The average point score per entry was 39.95 in 2019, and 37.9 in 2018. This equates to a grade B, compared to the national average of 34.01.
  • At A-Level, 96.7% completed their study programme in the most recent data. The percentage of students who continued in education, training or employment after KS4 was 97% in the most recent data, compared to 94% nationally. After A-level in 2017, which is the most recent data, 85% of students either continued in education or employment for at least two terms.

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