To register for admission into Year 7 in September 2023, please complete this form. Where possible, please could parents register their children by early July to allow us time to process the applications before the Summer Holidays. The final deadline is August 12th 2022 - Our Open Evening this year is July 13th 6-8pm

Admissions Process

Caistor Grammar School is a co-educational 11 to 18 selective school. The school became Grant Maintained in September 1991, when the school’s admissions policy was included in the school’s proposals for Acquisition of Grant Maintained Status. It became a Foundation School on September 1st 1999 and an Academy on 1st December 2010. The school follows the Lincolnshire County Co-ordinated Admission Scheme.

Applicants will take Verbal Reasoning tests in the Autumn Term of Year 6. The School will administer these tests. Only children who attain a total score of 220 or more in the tests will be eligible for entry. This corresponds to the county-wide standard required in Lincolnshire for entry to LA grammar schools and is designed to select the upper 25% of the ability range.

Applications for entry into year 7 in September 2023 will open at the beginning of March 2022, via a link at the top of our website or below this message.

To register for admission in 2023, please complete this form.

Key Dates for entry into Year 7 in September 2023

12th August 2022Deadline for registration to take the 11+ entrance papers. Please note that we would be very grateful for parents who register by early July, as it helps us to prepare for the tests before the summer break. We will email you confirmation that you have registered, and if you have not heard within 48 hours then please contact the school on as we cannot accept registrations after this deadline.
16th Sept 2022By this date, parents will be informed how the School will run the two test dates and how we will communicate the outcome of the tests to parents.
24th Sept 2022First 11+ Entrance Paper- Standard Verbal Reasoning. This will be in the morning- the exact time will be given to parents by the 16th September.
1st Oct 2022Second 11+ Paper- Multiple Choice Verbal Reasoning. This will be in the morning- the exact time will be given to parents by the 16th September.
18th Oct 2022Parents are informed of the outcome of the tests.
Half TermThis is from 22nd October to 6th November. At this point the School will be shut, so you will not be able to contact us during this period to discuss your results.


31st Oct 2022Deadline for submitting your preference form to the Local Authority. Please check with your Local Authority how to do this. You cannot join our School unless you have submitted the preference form.
1st March 2023National offer day for secondary schools, when the Local Authority informs you if you have a place.


To apply for in-catchment status for September 2023, you must live within 6.5 miles ‘as the crow flies’ from the School on 1st September 2022.  While the school are happy to advise on your address’ catchment status, you can also check yourself using this link. The School will send you the in-catchment declaration form, after you have submitted your registration form to take our Entrance Tests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on 01472 851250 or email


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