To register for admission into Year 7 in September 2023, please complete this form. Where possible, please could parents register their children by early July to allow us time to process the applications before the Summer Holidays. The final deadline is August 12th 2022 - Our Open Evening this year is July 13th 6-8pm


A new organisation is being created with the following main aims:

  • To provide a medium for Old Caistorians to keep in touch with each other.
  • To enable former members of CGS to keep in touch with the activities and achievements of the School.
  • To support the School in whatever ways Old Caistorians deem appropriate.
  • To support the organisation of reunions
  • To make it easier for ex students to return to School and contribute in terms of presentations to current students, careers support, etc.
  • To preserve artefacts associated with the School’s history.
  • To join The Caistorians, please complete the following [form]

For information:

To contact the School email Katherine Jago, Outreach Coordinator,

To donate items to the CGS Archive contact Tom Hunter,
To offer support for Careers advice for CGS students contact,

To contribute to the OC magazine contact,

To read about recent events at Caistor Grammar visit our Caistor Focus page here

The Caistorians’ Flickr, containing an expanding collection of historical photographs of the school and its members dating back to 1920, is located here.

Here is a selection of articles from the most recent edition of the Old Caistorians magazine