To register for admission into Year 7 in September 2023, please complete this form. Where possible, please could parents register their children by early July to allow us time to process the applications before the Summer Holidays. The final deadline is August 12th 2022 - Our Open Evening this year is July 13th 6-8pm

Sixth Form Car Parking

Sixth Form students who wish to travel to school by car must register their details below and return the form by email to

Schools are busy places, particularly at the times when people arrive in the morning and leave in the evening.  As such, we hope students will take particular care when driving near the School at these times.  Please note that there are double yellow lines near to the entrance of the School and that using Bank Lane is a particular concern since the road is so narrow.

We would appreciate students therefore parking well away from the School and we are grateful to the Town Council for enabling our students to use the Town Council’s Sports car park on North Kelsey Road.

We would appreciate students avoiding Bank Lane particularly at times when our students on foot might be using it.

Please note also that we expect students to park their car safely when they arrive and not to use it again until they leave School at the end of the day. Cars are not to be driven during private study lessons or at lunchtime except in exceptional circumstances.

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