Caistor Grammar SchoolAcademic Information

Academic Information

  • Our Progress 8 score for 2017 was +0.62. This figure was significantly above the national average, and in the top 10% of Schools nationally.
  • Our Attainment 8 figure for 2018 was 70.9, compared to the national average of 46.3 in 2017.
  • 100% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics in 2018 compared to the national average of 63% in 2017. 93% achieved a Grade 5 or more in both in 2018, compared to the national average of 42% in 2017.
  • 82% of our pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate in 2018 (with passes at grade 5 or above), compared to the national average of 24% in 2017.
  • At A-level, our LV3A value added score for 2017 was +0.1, and the average point score per entry was 38.53 which is a grade B, compared to the national average of 32.4.
  • Our retention rate at A-level in 2017 was 98.9% in 2017. The percentage of students who continued in education, training or employment after KS4 was 96% in 2015 (the most recent published figure). After A-level, 84% of students in 2018 are going to university, 2.2% are taking up apprenticeships, and 13.8% are either taking a gap year, or have no firm plans to go to university or take on further training.
  • Our school performance table can be viewed on






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