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BBC School Report 2016

Welcome to Caistor Grammar School’s BBC School Report site for 2016!

These stories have been produced by a variety of pupils in Year 7 to Year 11 over the last few months, all building up to a final manic push on the 10th March.  Click the links below to watch, listen and read.

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The Weather in Caistor today

  Are We Doing Enough To Promote Children’s Mental Health?


Recently at Caistor Grammar School, we have held our second ‘Positive Mental Wellbeing Week’. This week includes Mindful Monday, Talkative Tuesday, What’s Up Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feel Good Friday. Each day holds lunchtime workshops tackling issues like eating disorders and how to help friends who are having issues. There are also group sports activities like bench ball and clubbercise and also group singing.Click here to read the full article


Why Everyone Should Be Reading More


Sugar: The Bitter Sweet Truth

Sugar is a bitter sweet substance. On the whole it makes life sweeter but in the UK alone it is the leading cause of obesity, and with one in eleven deaths linked to obesity. It’s time we took sugar seriously. Not many people in today’s society actually realize where sugar is lurking in our diet or how to combat the problem. The UK Government have proposed a new sugar tax which by increasing the price of sugary goods by 20% could save 3.7 million people from being obese. But is this really the best solution? Click here to read the article.


Tata Job Losses: How it impacts us


Sexism in the Toy Industry


In this ‘progressive’ society you would assume that sexism has been long kicked out of the graces of our homes and lives; sadly, that is not the truth. Women have come a long way since the 1950s, when their only prospects were to be obsequious housewives caring for their husbands and children, all the while keeping up their good looks and humour. Now that the women who throughout the 20th century (Suffragettes, Suffragists, the 850 women at Dagenham, Virago Press etc.) have opened up a better and more opportunistic world for the nation’s current working age women, the baton has been passed down to us, and we in turn have to encourage future generations of women to stand up for their rights and more importantly love themselves and their gender.Click here to read the full article.


Sharapova’s doping allegations polarise public


Maria Sharapova arrived on the professional tennis scene in 2004 when she crushed Serena Williams on Wimbledon’s centre court. But now tennis’ glamour girl is breaking history in the most unexpected way possible. Sharapova has now become the first premier tennis star to fail a doping test following her admittance of using the drug meldonium; a drug that enhances the taker’s endurance and was once used by Soviet soldiers to help them backpack over high-altitude mountains.Click here to read the full article.


2016: The Year Of The Outsiders

Trump II_Return of the Donald

Let’s face it – for the political parties of the United States, this election campaign has not exactly gone to plan. Two figures have captured the limelight of each of the two parties – for the Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has captured the embittered and cynical, and yet also hopeful feelings of the liberal youth of the country, those who are angry with the establishment politics of the party that is represented in this campaign by Hillary Clinton – and for the Republican Party, the man who has became a brand, Donald J. Trump, who is embarking on his crusade of saying what he thinks (whether or not it’s both politically correct or correct) to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’. Click here to read the full article.


Are All Sports Equal?


The EU Referendum: A Continental Crisis


On the 23rd of June 2016, people all across the UK will be voting on whether or not they want to stay in the European Union or whether they would rather leave.
Since UKIP burst onto the scene in 2013 and began to worry the ‘big three’ of the political parties, EU anxiety has been spreading from the Outer Hebrides to Lands End. It has sparked debate in the Commons and is now a key topic of debate everywhere in the country. With ministers and politicians of all prestige taking sides on the argument, it is going to be a long and hard fought campaign for both parties.Click here for the full article.






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