Caistor Gym

Caistor Gym is located at Caistor Grammar School with amenities that compare favourably to facilities in Grimsby or Lincoln. The Gym, is open to the public from 4.15pm – 9pm every weekday and 8am-12pm every weekend.

The gym comprises 8 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, 4 pieces of resistance equipment, free weights and a stretching area. Students and the local community benefit from the state-of-the art fitness facilities, provided by Technogym UK, and are part-funded by the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI). The IFI aims to provide physical activity to all, regardless of disability – physical or mental – that a person may have, in an environment that can optimise their potential and improve every aspect of their fitness. Technogyms computerised Wellness System has been installed, allowing members to view their progress in anticipation of results they can actually feel and see in their body which makes for a unique experience. Upon becoming a member (for the returnable deposit of £10) each person will be assigned a TGS key that stores the exercise programme data and transfers it to the equipment they have selected. Qualified fitness instructors are at hand to instruct and prescribe relevant exercise programmes for all members.

To join Caistor Gym & book your free Induction email or call 01472 855000.







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