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Bronze Assessed DofE 2018

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On the weekend of 19th & 20th May 7 groups of Year 10 students embarked on an assessed expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Following a quick briefing with their assessor and supervisor, they set out on a two-day expedition around the Lincolnshire Wolds. The weather, for the first time in a few [&hellip…

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Silver DofE Assessed Expedition

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With the forecast threatening wind and rain akin to Shakespeare’s “Tempest”, our brave and intrepid Silver DofE students from the current Year 12 set off for Eyam in Derbyshire on Saturday morning. An early start was required to meet in Caistor and then travel to Eyam so that the groups could be briefed and checked, [&hellip…

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Practice Makes Perfect.

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From 15th of September thirty one students from Year 12 completed three gruelling days of practice expedition in training for their DofE Silver Award. They camped overnight at Stainton-le-Vale and Nettleton, and hiked around the area with their equipment each day. The weather was particularly unkind; they had to endure fog, hailstones, thunder and torrential [&hellip…

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