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Challenge of Industry

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On Thursday and Friday this week our Year 12 students formed teams to compete in the Challenge of Industry days. The event chaired by Matthew Lloyd from Novartis, was supported by advisers from a variety of businesses and organisations this year included, to name just a few – VIP Immingham, Lincoln, Hull and Leeds universities, [&hellip…

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Year 9 History Balloon Debate

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Tension mounted on a Monday morning in March as students from Year 9 competed in the History Balloon Debate as part of Upstanding Day. Nine finalists elected by their peers from their form heats, delivered memorable performances as their chosen historical characters who vied for a place in a hot air balloon rapidly losing height. [&hellip…

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BBC School Reports

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On Thursday the 14th of March a group of young, excited journalists entered T5 with a mission; write the best and most interesting articles ever for this year’s BBC School Report! The aspiring young journalists are working on their editorial skills and preparing stories for 2017’s BBC School Report, a national project to encourage young [&hellip…

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