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The National Museum of Computing Visit

On Tuesday 14th June, 21 Year 10 Computer Science students visited the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. They had the opportunity to see the Colossus and the Lorenz (pictured) as well as many other computers over the past few decades. The trip was once again very informative and interesting and I thank Mr Hale, Mr Hargreaves and [&hellip…

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Day of Code

Following the success of last year’s Hour of Code event, the Computing Department decided to host a Day of Code to allow younger students to experience coding for the first time and older students to learn some new skills. Taking place on Wednesday 10th December, over 70 students from Year 7 volunteered to take part [&hellip…

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Codio Comes to Caistor

In late October 2014, Caistor Grammar School welcomed Freddy May and Phillip Snalune of Their aim was to make a video that demonstrated how their online code editor was impacting on education and what better way to do that than at CGS? If you don’t know what Codio is then ask any student in Year [&hellip…

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