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The “Caistor Grammar School expects every student to do their duty” Letter

Posted on 2nd December 2016

House music
We enjoyed a resoundingly successful House Music competition. We are extremely grateful to our adjudicator, Sally Russell, who co-ordinates the music service in North Lincolnshire. During our Junior event Hansard was successful and at the Senior event, it was Ayscough who triumphed but in reality, everyone who took part was a winner – just by the distinction of being selected to represent their House and indeed all the performances were thrilling. We had a wonderful public performance too, which was much enjoyed by the audience. I am extremely grateful for the co-ordinating work done by Mrs Frances Thompson, Head of Music and Miss Rebecca Jex, Performing Arts Technician and for the leadership shown by our Sixth Form House officials: they were really splendid.

A happy but chilly Inter-House Cross Country
Last week we also did our Inter-House Cross Country on a cold dull day which was at least dry. There was great House support shown and it was a happy, positive occasion despite the difficult elements. We have some really amazing runners and one of them, Thomas Christie (11Z), managed to break a long-standing School record in the Boys’ Senior race. Congratulations to him and indeed all runners. The top 8 in each of the different races have qualified to represent the School in the Superzone Cross Country event coming soon; special praise goes to them. We are indebted to Mr Shutes, Head of PE and many other staff who helped to organise the occasion and to marshall it, as well as to our Sixth Form helpers. There was an impressive mathematical recording process going on parallel to the runners and thanks go to Mr Sunter for co-ordinating this. The boys’ category was won by Hansard and the girls’ was won by Ayscough. Once again, our intrepid Heads of House, Mr Stephen Markham – Ayscough, Miss Rebecca Turner – Hansard and Mrs Fiona Cooke – Rawlinson, provided sterling support and we are very grateful to them. If you want more words to describe both of these and other House events of the Half Term, you are welcome to access my Twitter account ( where there are lots of photos and comments. There are picture stories about both in our House Events on the School website

Children in Need
We recently also enjoyed a really tremendous day at School supporting Children in Need and raising money for this great cause (£845). We are grateful to all those students and staff who took the trouble to appear in fancy dress. Each year there seems to be more of us doing so and this time there were more than ever. Once again, I urge you to have a look at the school website or my Twitter feed for some pictures of the great day. This year I would like to give a special shout out to Ethan Andrew-Freeston in 7Z who raised over £500 quite separately from the school total by his good work organising a shopping event with stalls. He also managed to commandeer a fire engine. Many congratulations Ethan!

Other recent events
Last week we also held our Sixth Form Open Evening which had record-breaking attendance with 60 students from outside Caistor Grammar School visiting us. There was a really positive feeling about the evening and I am confident that the Year 12 of September 2017 will be a very special one. It is not too late however to express an interest in our Sixth Form. If you know of anyone who might look to join it they are encouraged to contact Mr Terry McTernan, Head of Sixth Form, email if they wish to make an appointment to visit us.

The results from the recent UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge are below.
Gold award
Year 13: Daniel Jackson, Harriet Burniston
Year 12: Samuel Braben, Alex Goodburn, James Barker
Year 11: Daniel Bassett, Laura Brady, Gavin Wu, Kacper Dworski, Peter Taylor
Silver awards
Year 13: Jasturan Padda, Benjamin Etchell, Quintin McGlone-Healey, Jak Pickerden
Year 12: Evie Hyams, Thomas Christie
Bronze awards
Year 13: Georgina Walker, William Horton
Year 12: Louis Rodwell, Joseph Shilling, Jamie Caines, James Wheeldon
Year 11: Alexander Sedman
Congratulations to all these talented students.

Annual Parents’ Questionnaire
It is that time of year again when we ask parents to fill in our Annual Parents’ Questionnaire. (We are sending you two copies home with this letter.) We really appreciate you taking the time and making an effort to complete this form and returning it to us. All schools are exceptionally accountable to a whole range of constituencies, not least, their parental body and it is important to us that you tell us what you think. If you are happy, believe your child is exceptionally fortunate to attend this School and daily count your blessings that they are here, then please emphatically tell us this! Similarly, this is an ideal opportunity to express any concerns or doubts or disappointments you have with us. (Though, of course, I would not want you to wait for a whole year to do that – simply pick up the phone or send us an email.) Our questionnaire form is also available as a separate attachment online just in case you are reading this not having had the actual Parents’ letter delivered to you. Last year the results were extremely positive and we hope that the same will be true this year. If so, it will be a very important validation of all our work and effort. I can assure you that I will personally read every one.

CGS expects every student to do their duty
We have recently had a few disciplinary events which have disappointed us and led me to reflect on what it is that the School can reasonably expect of its students: a sort of what Caistor Grammar School expects. Students attending this school are extraordinarily fortunate to do so. It is a real privilege to be a student with such tremendous and dedicated staff and, for the most part, to be working side to side with such diligent, friendly and likeable fellow students. Unfortunately, sometimes a few let themselves and the rest of us down. It is increasingly rare for this to happen in the classroom where our own internal monitoring suggests further improvement term on term. However, some students do not seem to pay enough attention to the way they speak and behave to their fellow students. This has been discussed at a recent assembly and a meeting of the School Council. Another dimension to the disappointing behaviour is the way a few students conduct themselves online and in social media. It amazes me that some people think they can write something on a computer and press send which they would never dream of saying to someone face to face. Parents should be aware that whilst we do not monitor or search for students’ social media accounts, if bad conduct is brought to our attention which is abusive and bullying we will act decisively. They should most particularly be aware that if students are rude about members of staff (this has not happened recently to my knowledge) or the School and bring it into disrepute, they will be punished severely. It remains the case that the vast majority of CGS students behave impeccably, look very smart in their uniform and are very proud of their School. We must all continue to strive to ensure that this high standard is maintained and even improved upon. I am sure that you would like and expect this from all those involved in your son/daughter’s School.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely


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