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The ‘Brave New World’ letter

Posted on 13th January 2017

It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the new Headmaster of Caistor Grammar School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Hale for keeping me up to speed with developments since my appointment last year.

Although we are a little over a week into Spring term, school life is as busy as ever.  On Thursday last, we celebrated the success of over 100 students who had achieved their Gold, Silver or Bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards.  (The recipients’ names are published at the end of this letter). The theme for this year’s evening was volunteering and it gave us an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution that many of our students make to their local communities and to school.  Our guest speaker, Emily Cummins, a philanthropic inventor, spoke to us about some of the inventions that she has created that help individuals and communities overcome hindrances and difficulties.  We also had the chance to thank the large number of staff and parents who have helped students achieve their potential by volunteering for expeditions over the last 12 months.  Giving up their time to walk in sometimes inclement weather, finding lost groups, driving minibuses, offering comforting and encouraging words, are all aspects of this very worthwhile activity.  I am very grateful to them all.  Continuing on this theme, our Spring term extra-curricular calendar is now on the school website under the heading “Parents”.  I would encourage your son or daughter to get involved: there are some excellent opportunities here.

This half-term’s assembly theme is ‘O Brave new world’: the quotation comes from William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.  If you followed Mr Hale’s tweets, you will know that his final assembly finished with the play’s epilogue.  I was keen therefore to ensure that there was continuity between the end of last term and the start of this.  With this in mind, and as the Senior Leadership Team prepare to write our next School Development Plan, I have asked all of my colleagues the following two questions:

If you would like to add your own views, then please send an email ( or write in to the address above.  Alternatively, I hope to meet many of you over the course of the coming term at parents’ evenings and other school events.  There, I’d be happy to hear your views.  I will ask the same two questions to students after half-term.

Last Thursday encapsulated for me, the spirit and ethos of the school.  Our first aim is ‘to provide a community which will enable all who belong to make the most of their abilities and to be happy.’  The questions above also help us, in the words of the school motto, ‘Ever to excel’.  My predecessor, Mr Hale, achieved a great deal in this regard and I am grateful to him for helping build a school that is in such good and positive health.

I’d like to send you all good wishes from the school for a successful, prosperous and healthy 2017.

Yours sincerely

Mr Alistair Hopkins



Below are listed all the people who were involved in the organisation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Evening.

Ms Jacky Secker and Mr Barry Sinclair:- Lincolnshire Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Office (until 1st August 2016)

Mr Chris Harding: Lincolnshire Operations Manager, Central England (from 1st August 2016)

Mrs Julia Sedman: Award Verifier

Mr Lawrence Brown, Mr David Buckle and Dr Dan Wilton:- Caistor Grammar School Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteer Expedition Assessors

Mr Ryan Bradley, Mr Christopher Buckle, Mr Lawrence Brown, Mrs Gill Cook, Mr Chris Frost, Mr Chris Hoare, Mr Mick Hoare, Mrs Heidi Leaning, Mr Mark Leaning, Mr David Moffat, Mrs Linda Moffat, Mrs Angela Palmer, Mr Norman Palmer, Mrs Linda Patrick, Mr Michael Robinson, Mrs Anna Sharp, Mr Dave Shepherd, Mr Phil Smith, Mr Kristian Smy, Mr Steve Sylvan and Mr James Whyley.

Caistor Grammar School Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteers and Supervisors

Andrew McNeil: – Photography

Mrs Rebecca Shilling: Display Boards

Friends’ of Caistor Grammar School: Refreshments

The full list of students receiving a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award are as follows:

Bronze Award

Yasmin Amin, Marina Andrews-Cifre, Neive Atkin, Esther Baker, Poppy Bett, Laura Brady, Thomas Christie, Alex Dawson, Harvey Dent, Jake Doughty, Casey Dommett, Beatrice Duckitt, Emilia Dutton, Francesca Dyas, Jessica Edwards, Dominic Ellis, Myles Gordon, William Grayson, Chloe Hammond, Lydia Handsley, James Harling, Edward Harper-Smith, Angus Haswell, Robert Hewis, Theo Holman, Laura Jackson, Jessica Jex, Omar Khaled, Cormac Knowles, Emma Krofchak, Jacob Lawson, Imogen Laycock, Harriet Leggett, Sam Levy, Emma Lunn, Jaron Lomas, Molly Lus, Oliver Marshall, Thomas Marshall, Georgia Maw, Alicia Maxwell, Rosslyn McCormick, Sophie McCulloch, Lucy McDonald, Thomas Mead, Zak Morgan, Joshua Morris, Alexandra Mottram, Shannon Preston, Lauryn Scotney, Alexander Sedman, Emily Shilling, Imogen Smith, Olivia Smith, Isabella Spilman. Aisling Stenton, Peter Taylor, Abdul Wasey, Robbie Weavers, James Wheeldon, Isobelle White, Joseph Wilkinson, Melissa Williams, Lucy Wilson and Gavin Wu.

Silver Award

Charlotte Aukland, Fred Barker, Christel Bazoua, Jacob Belcher, Holly Bignell, Sebastian Bowen, Charlie Bowtle, Pippa Bradley, Bethany Brewin, William Chico, Dominique Clark, Harry Craig, Kezzia Dennis, Theo Flanagan, Henry King, Jemi Maliyil, Freddie Marris, Grace McGrory, Holly Mottram, James Robey, Tom Rollinson, Lauren Shale, Joseph Shilling, Emma Thomsen and Michelle Zietsman.

Gold Award

Ryan Adamson, Alistair Brook, Eleanor Brook, Isabelle Chase, Molly Craig, Chad Dawson, Benjamin Etchell, Rosemary Gillman, Luke Green, Alice Hardy, Ellie Hill, Emily Howes, Daniel Jackson, Rebecca Jex, Holly Marris, Andrew McNeil, James Smith and Michael Trueman.

REF Ideal and Merit winners

Congratulations to those students who have won prizes for living out the REF Ideals last Term.  These refer to the Olympic values of Respect, Excellence and Friendship.  The winners in Year 7 are: 7X – Lucasz Grab, 7Y Henry Clark, 7Z Maddison Bray.  The winners in Year 8 are:  8X Isaac Dunn, 8Y Rosie Barker and Ella Clark.  The winners in Year 9 are:  9Z Kamya Gandhi and Jorja Bignell, 9Y Danielle Bate.

Congratulations also to our Merit winners for the Autumn Term.  These are given for academic achievement and citizenship.  The winners for academic achievement are:  Abigail Burkill (7Y), Ava Farnsworth (7Y), Amelia Terry (8Z), Ella Clark (8Y), Vignesh Kamath (9Z) and Saffat Hossain (9Z).  Whilst for Citizenship, the winners are:  Beth Sykes (7Z), Suzanne Bate (7Y), Maddie Seamer (8Z), Theo Powell-Howard (8Z), Imogen Horton (9X) and Georgia Welstead (9X).