Year 9 History Balloon Debate

Posted on 24th March 2017

Tension mounted on a Monday morning in March as students from Year 9 competed in the History Balloon Debate as part of Upstanding Day. Nine finalists elected by their peers from their form heats, delivered memorable performances as their chosen historical characters who vied for a place in a hot air balloon rapidly losing height. The reward of House Points for the winning trio and a cup at Awards Evening for first place was hanging in the balance. It was a chance for students to showcase their speaking skills, powers of persuasion and aptitude in delivering well crafted arguments for their character’s historical significance. Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Dowthwaite were impressed by the high standard and the winning decision proved a most difficult decision. Congratulations to all our finalists.

The winning students were:

First place:                 Danielle Bate as Louis Pasteur

Second place:          Vignesh Kamath as Napoleon

Third place:               Freddie Fearn   as Alessandro Volta


Our other finalists were:

Joel Cottingham as Winston Churchill

Ella MacPherson as Sojourner Truth

Chizu Obu as Mother Teresa

Florence Stead as Florence Nightingale

Toby Barnett as Winston Churchill

Rory Longcake as Thomas Edison