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The ‘rest and be thankful’ letter

Posted on 12th June 2017

I trust you enjoyed your half-term and that even though the weather has been inclement this week, you managed to enjoy the sun.  Summer uniform was declared in the last week before half-term and we now follow this until the end of the academic year.  We will continue to expect students to arrive at school dressed appropriately.  If students choose to wear a coat, we also expect them to wear their blazer too.

Our assembly theme this half-term is ‘Rest and Be Thankful.’  In my assembly this Monday, I explained the two week process that President Abraham Lincoln undertook to compose the two minute Gettysburg Address.  I concluded by making the point that a period of reflection and contemplation makes for a happier outcome rather than leaping into any situation without having fully established and understood the situation.

We have our Sports Day on the 28th June at the King George Stadium, Grimsby, and we very much welcome the support of parents and carers.  However, I must ask that, if you come to watch, you enter only by the separate spectators gate.  You may watch the events from the designated viewing area (outside the track fence, below the grassy bank) – not in the stands.  Please be aware that the entire ground is designated as No Smoking, and dogs are not permitted on site.  If you are collecting your child at the end of the event – they will come to meet you.  Please do not attempt to enter the stand.

End of term will be soon upon us.  We will be moving our finishing time forward to 2.30pm on Wednesday 19th July.  We have coordinated our finishing times with the bus companies, Caistor Yarborough Academy and Caistor Primary School.  Let’s hope for sunnier weather then!

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With best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Alistair Hopkins