11+ parking. If you are coming to our 11+ tests over the next two weeks, please remember that parking in Caistor is difficult! We would encourage you to use our Sports Field, as indicated on the map which we emailed to you last week. If this is full, please park with consideration towards our local residents. Please also remember to bring a copy of your child's name and seat number

A Spectacle of Song, Dance and Storytelling!

Posted on 19th October 2017

Caistor has been given a rare treat this week with two stunning performances of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – a production that will be remembered not only for star turns and jaw-dropping costumes but as a real ensemble piece where everyone has pulled together to produce something truly special. 

A very few tickets will be available on the door for tonight’s final performance which, if the first two are anything to judge by, will be another fabulous spectacle of song, dance and storytelling! The show starts at 7.00pm, and doors open at 6.30. Be our guest!