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Day of Code

Posted on 11th December 2014

Following the success of last year’s Hour of Code event, the Computing Department decided to host a Day of Code to allow younger students to experience coding for the first time and older students to learn some new skills.

Taking place on Wednesday 10th December, over 70 students from Year 7 volunteered to take part in the morning session and it was clear that they thoroughly enjoyed their time. Year 10 students learnt how to use HTML, CSS and JS to send text messages to each other’s mobile phones.

The Year 12 students were taught the basics of Version Control and the Year 13 students had a talk on Business and IT related topics.

The event would not have been possible without the help of Freddy May, Phillip Snalune and Joel Moss from Codio. They were all willing to share their considerable experience with the students in different ways and we as a school are very grateful for their involvement.

See the good work that Codio are doing in the world of education on their site at: