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Excellent GCSE Results At Caistor Grammar School Once Again

Posted on 25th August 2016

100% of Caistor Grammar School students gained 6 A*-C passes and all but one gained 8 A*-C passes!

The 2016 GCSE results at Caistor Grammar School are “very impressive and exciting” said a delighted Headmaster, Roger Hale.

The 94 students gained an impressive average points score per candidate of 74.3 and 82% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate.  100% of students gained 6 A*- C passes and 99% of students gained 8 A* – C passes.  63% of students gained 5 A*- As, whilst over one third of students gained 9 A*- As.  The students averaged 11.1 passes each.  54% of students gained 12 A*- C passes.


All but one of the students gained the Government’s 5 A* – C passes including English and Maths and all of the science exams in the School were passed with 91% gaining 3 science passes.  There was 100% pass rate in Maths and English Literature and 99% in English Language.


Amongst the highest performing students at the school are: Lillian Coultas who gained 11A*s and 1A; Jemi Maliyil gained 10A*s and 2As, Charlie Bowtle and Saskia Garner gained 9A*s and 3As, Christel Bazoua gained 8A*s and 5As and Georgina Walkington gained 8A*s and 4As.


We expect that these results will put CGS among the leading schools in the country once again.

Roger Hale