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Friends of Caistor Grammar School Raffle

Posted on 12th July 2016

This year we have raised an amazing £2512.23 with our Summer Draw. Many thanks to everyone who has bought tickets and supported this. This money will go directly to school for the Student technician fund.

A healthy competition has taken place between the forms this year as to who could sell the most raffle tickets. The incentive being a wheelbarrow of chocolate for these students. Pictured is a very happy Mr Davey and his winning form 7Y. They raised as a group £342. This was closely followed by 9Z Mr Harris’ form with a total of £314.A huge thank you to 7Y and 9Z and all the forms for the  effort that they have made.

Thank you to a great number of local businesses’ who have provided prizes including;

Pleasure Island, Caistor Co Op, Louth Morrisons, Scunthorpe United football Club, Parkway cinema, Forest Pines leisure Club, Kenwick Park Leisure Club, Caistor Equestrian Centre, Caistor Heritage centre, The Settlement, Steels of Cleethorpes, White Heather Hotel, Uncle Henry’s, Brigg garden Centre and Kirton Concert Hall.