Applications are now being taken for candidates to take our 11+ tests in September 2021, when they will be in Year 6. The closing date for applications is August 13th. Please follow this link to apply.

Further Good News about CGS’s A Level Results.

Posted on 14th August 2015

We are reliably informed by Lincolnshire’s Performance Unit that Caistor Grammar School’s DfE League Table score of 1077.6 per candidate is the highest score amongst all Lincolnshire’s schools.
This is the 13th year in succession that we will have topped the DfE league tables at A Level!
Caistor Grammar School is ranked the 67th State School in the Times A Level League Table today. Their tables include Independent Schools too and overall, including them, we are 154th.
Caistor Grammar School is ranked 94th state school in country in Daily Telegraph today based on % A*-B at A level.