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GCSE Results 2019

Posted on 22nd August 2019

GCSE students at Caistor Grammar School have secured one of the School’s best ever set of GCSE results.

63.6% of papers were awarded the top grades of 9 to 7 (formerly A/A*). On average, each student achieved an average grade of a ‘7’. The overall ‘strong’ pass rate was 95.8% where subjects were graded an 9-5. 100% of students achieved a pass in Maths and 99% achieved a pass in English Language. 92% of students achieved their E-Baccqualification (a ‘4’ or above in English, Mathematics, a Science, a modern language and a humanity)

Three students achieved all ‘9s’ in their 11 GCSEs and were amongst the 818 students nationwide that secured straight 9s. Two students achieved ten 9s and one 8. A further five scored a mixture of 9s and 8s. Just under a quarter of students received a mixture of 9/8/7 grades, formerly the A/A* grades in the old system.

Headmaster Alistair Hopkins, said: ‘I am delighted for the year group. All stepped up to the mark and gave their best. They have been helped throughout by extremely dedicated teachers, learning advisers and have had endless support fromtheir families. We have been fortunate to be a part of their journey.

“It is important to remember that when they started these courses two years ago, there were very few resources and limited guidance about standards expected. Their teachers have been superb in helping the students to negotiate these challenges. Even though these new style exams are constructed to be tougher, our students’ resilience and determination means that they have conquered another challenge.

Mr Hopkins added: ‘It’s important to remember that the statistics only tell a part of the story and behind each result there are individual triumphs. The individual triumphs mean more than the headline figures.’

These results, coupled with last week’s excellent A level grades, means that Caistor Grammar School enhances its position as one of the leading schools in the country.