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Headmaster’s Letter 11th December

Posted on 11th December 2020

Dear Parent,

Caistor Goes Christmas

Today we began Christmas at School with our very own Caistor Goes Christmas. I hope that all the students who took part left today feeling that even though much of this term’s traditions were put to one side, we could still do our best to celebrate some school traditions. Importantly, we were still able to contribute towards the important work that Scunthorpe Foodbank carries out. Thanks to Mrs Leaning for her work on this.

Year 7 Ever to Excel and merit winners

A little earlier than usual, we held our termly awards ceremony for Year 7 this morning. The following students were acknowledged for their hard work this term:

Merit awards to: Maya Smykowski, Kevin Lin, Ria Nath and Reuben Stancer.

The Ever 2 Excel winners were Aishwarya West, Hugo Baugh, Eva Newton, Bem Limbu, Charlie McKay and Anna Miroshnikova. The ever to excel winners are chosen by the Year 7 form tutors for students who display the following virtues: determination, courage, respect, equality and inspiration.

Well done to them and all of Year 7 on an impressive first term in difficult circumstances.

Christmas card competition

Congratulation to Maya Smykowski (Y7) who won the Y7 School Christmas card competition. Maya wins a pack of Art materials and some chocolates for her form. The runners up were Hana Ajaz and Hannah Spray.

Santa Dash and Fundraising

Year 9 have also adapted their fundraising push this year by holding a Santa Dash in PE yesterday and a virtual raffle. It was great to see so many Y9s tackling the cross-country course in their Christmas finery! When I last looked this morning, they had raised £556, beating their £500 target. If you’d like to make a contribution (thanks if you already have!) then you can donate here. [link]. The total for the virtual raffle is £404; we’ll draw this in next week’s merit assembly. Thanks to Mrs Ellerby, the Head of Section, who has coordinated this initiative.

School Council

School Council has met this term remotely every other Thursday after School. Thank you to Will Pein (Y11) who set up the Teams system to enable us to meet. Year 7 forms this week voted for their representativs. I’d therefore like to welcome Nathan Ganyani, Abhi Allamsetty and Alona Francis as councillors. Their first task was to share out the Year 7 chocolates equitably amongst their peers.

Year 7 – Library news

This week Year 7 students received a book of their choice from a selection curated by the BookTrust, the UK’s largest reading charity.  The gift, organised by the library, would not have been possible without the generous donation from the Friends of Caistor Grammar School.  This is also a good moment to remind everyone that all students have access to the School’s online book and audio library. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading to well-being. You can find more details about accessing the e-books on the Library website. [link]

Safeguarding updates

There has been another round of highly inappropriate horror-based content on various social media platforms. No doubt, there will be more over Christmas. Knowledge of how these platforms work will enable parents to have positive conversations with their children about how they can be safe online.

The support material below advises on parental controls for apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation and a variety of other popular services presented by Internet Matters and also a reminder that TikTok have recently updated their parental controls so parents can have more control over what their children are doing online. – news article on parental control updated by TikTok from last week – this has info on how to ‘pair’ an account (to allow monitoring)


This month’s ‘Careers Matters’ newsletter is now on the website. You can access it here. [link] Thanks to Mrs Watson, our careers advisor who puts this sheet together. I encourage you to explore it when you have a chance. Looking to the future, career paths will be more varied, so being aware of the multitude of opportunities available will be more important than ever.

End of term arrangements

Term finishes at 2.30pm on Thursday 17 December. The only bus whose time cannot be moved to an earlier departure is the service bus W27D from Caistor to Market Rasen. If your child normally takes this bus, we can accommodate them in School until its departure time. Please let reception know in advance.

We will continue to run the ‘track and trace’ process until Wednesday 23 December. I’ll give more details about how this will work in my end of term letter next Thursday.

Congratulations to…

Ellie Roberts (Y13) who rode her first Advanced test on Zane, scoring scored 68.3%, which means she has now quality to ride at PSG at Young Rider level (Prix St George). This is amazing! She needed to score 62% or over. She also rode her Advanced Medium Music and scored a phenomenal 76.6%, winning in both her tests!

All good wishes,

Alistair Hopkins