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Headmaster’s Letter 11th May 2018

Posted on 11th May 2018

Dear Parent,


We send Year 11 off today for their GCSEs with the School’s very best wishes. It is hard to believe that we began the countdown to the end of year in triple figures back in September but we’re nearly there now with ‘one school day to go’. Year 11 have been outstanding students. We have enjoyed working with them, and have seen them flourish these last few months. Many of them have worked extremely hard to arrive at this point. In terms of curriculum, they have had a tough year as they are the first year to take on the brunt of the new grading system together with new syllabuses. It has been a challenge for their teachers and I don’t underestimate the challenge that it has been for them either. I have encouraged them to ‘own’ their results and to see them as the first possession that is truly theirs. In keeping with this half-term’s assembly theme, their road to success is under construction throughout these next few weeks and they should do everything possible to look after themselves. They should be proud of their achievements; we are all proud of them.


New Year 7


On Wednesday, I welcomed the new Year 7 into school. They have their induction days in July before they start proper on September 4. It was wonderful to speak to a new group of students and their parents and to see their enthusiasm and excitement about the new school year and their futures as they become a part of our community.


Open evening


Next Wednesday 16 May, 6pm to 8pm, we will be holding our open evening. Firstly, thank you to parents for loaning your children to us for the evening: they really are what stands out about CGS and they communicate to our visitors why they feel this School is such a special place. You are very welcome to attend too. Please note the advice about parking in Caistor. You can view the new School prospectus on the website.


Be Aware


We try to keep parents informed about the latest social media, Internet developments, etc. via the ‘Be Aware’ page of our website. A new link was added yesterday, which I would encourage you to read every couple of weeks if you want to be familiar with the apps and networks that are emerging. The site adopts a balanced, risk-aware approach to new technology. I hope it encourages some discussions at home and keeps you up to date.




The Year 12 Battlefields trip departed today for their trip to northern France/Belgium. Thank you to Miss Dales and Mr Harris for leading the trip and for giving up their weekend. They return on Sunday. The trip is one of many that we do in the UK or abroad to expand students’ experience; they will become more and more important in a post-Brexit world. I concede that the cost of school trips has increased significantly over the years to take account of insurance, accommodation, travel, food, fuel, etc. Trips are budgeted accordingly and are based on specific student numbers. I always ask our Educational Visits Coordinator, Mrs Southwick, to go back to companies to try to secure a better deal for students. It becomes very difficult to make the trips work at cost when, once deposits have been paid and numbers settled, that students drop out. There are sometimes very genuine reasons for this and I am always sympathetic. However, I must request that when making a commitment to an overseas visit, parents understand that they must see this through to departure. Margins are so tight that any decrease in numbers can mean additional charges for others.


Friends’ uniform sale and summer raffle


The Friends are keen to take any good quality school uniform that is now too small and to sell this onto parents of students in lower year groups. Money would be put towards school funds to buy those things that enrich students’ experience at CGS. If you would like to donate anything now or at the end of the school year, please contact Mrs Hughes, the Friends’ chair on her email address to find out more. As you will be aware, Years 12 and 13 do not have a school uniform and so this might be an opportunity for parents in Year 11 to donate some uniform if it’s not going to be worn again post GCSEs. Students are now selling raffle tickets for the Friends’ annual fundraising event. Tickets cost £1 and more books are available. The first prize is a minimum of £100; this will increase the more tickets that we sell. As an incentive, the form that sells the most tickets will be treated to a circus skills afternoon in July.


Best wishes for the weekend ahead,



Alistair Hopkins