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Headmaster’s Letter 13th May

Posted on 13th May 2022

Dear Parent,


Year 13 and Year 11


This week has been especially sad in School as we have said goodbye to both exam groups. (There’s always a two-week gap between Year 11 and Year 13 leaving for study leave but the need to put more distance between exam sessions means Year 13 are leaving a couple of weeks earlier.) Both year groups have had a significant impact on the life of the School.


The poem What Will matter? By Michael Josephson [link] is poignant for these defining moments in our community that come about all too quickly. I’ll quote the line which always resonates with me when I think about our students who are leaving us for their ‘next steps.’


‘What will matter is not how many people you knew but how many will feel a lasting loss when you’re gone.’


I have no hesitation in saying that we will miss each and every student who leaves us and thank them for all they have done to help the School grow. Characteristically, their departures were marked with quiet humility and gentle humour. We wish them well for the summer, for the results days in August and for whatever they choose to do in September.


Young Enterprise


Congratulations to our Young Enterprise Team who won the Lincolnshire round of the YE tournament. The team won the event and were also awarded the Best Customer Service Award. The next round is virtual on the 18th and 24th May where they will face teams from across Yorkshire and the North Humber region. The Year 12 team consist of: Henry Clark, Ben Fleming, Xavier Gasper, Kieran Green, Kaajal Gupta, Raneem Jaibaji, Kishon Jeevakan, Anahita Kesharwani, Jeet Meher, Harry Parker, Max Robinson & James Sanderson.




Two students received fixed term exclusions this week for vaping on the school site. Despite the proliferation of vapes – and the view amongst some that they don’t present any damage to health – they continue to be a banned substance in our Drugs and Behaviour Policy. You can read the policies here [link]. Thank you for supporting the School and ensuring students know to make the right choice.


Parents’ Survey


Please find below a link to the annual parents’ survey. This is the same as the Ofsted survey that is sent to parents during an inspection, with some additional questions about our context towards the end. The leadership team and school trustees (previously the governors) review the questions and adapt the school development plan based on the outcome of this survey, the student survey, and the staff survey.


Before attempting question 6 of the parent survey, please look at the curriculum page of our website. All the programmes of study were published for Key Stage 3 a couple of years ago and are reviewed annually. They also include each department’s Intent concerning what they want their students to have achieved by the end of Year 9, whether they choose the subject for GCSE. I have also written a reflection which explains our curriculum design.


You can access the survey here [link]. The survey closes at noon on Friday 27th May. It will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.




In addition to last week’s note about a new D&T Technician, we’re also looking to employ a new catering assistant and a part-time Learning Resources Staff member, working with our Librarian. Information about all jobs, application forms and our safeguarding statements can be found on our vacancies page. [link]


All good wishes for the weekend,






Alistair Hopkins