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Headmaster’s Letter 15th January

Posted on 15th January 2021

Dear Parent

Public examinations.

The Secretary of State for Education and the Chief Regulator have published their exchange of letters, outlining their expectations for the assessment of cancelled A level and GCSE exams. You can read the Secretary of State’s letter here [link and the Chief Regulator’s response here [link] The consultation process will start imminently. Thank you if you have sent me your views. I have included them in my response. Please do contribute to the consultation online. If nothing else, I hope we all have some algorithm-free principles soon to reassure Year 11 and Year 13 students.

Year 11 mock exam grades

Students will have received their mock grades via email today. The reports are released throughout the day so please only contact Mr Croft on Monday if your child has not received their report. Students can request feedback from teachers next week. Linked to the release of mock exams, we plan to hold a Year 11 parents’ evening on Thursday 28 January ‘remotely’. Parents will receive more details next week. Please save any questions for that evening.

Instrumental lessons

During lockdown instrumental lessons will be continuing remotely. For piano, violin and woodwind lessons, please either follow the parentmail link sent earlier this week, or contact or  to give permission for lessons to continue online. Once permission is given the relevant teacher will contact you to arrange lessons. Lincolnshire Music Service teachers will contact you directly for singing, bassoon, guitar and drums lessons. Please contact Mrs Thompson if any assistance is required.

Meningitis ACW vaccination

A very important letter was sent to parents of students in Years 9 and 10 concerning meningitis vaccinations, which take place at School this Tuesday. If you did not receive it, please email enquiries as soon as practicable. Students attending for vaccinations only do not need to wear school uniform. If students are missing a lesson due the vaccination, please ask your child to inform the teacher – there is no need to complete a medical absence form.

On site testing

Thank you for giving permission for your child to be tested for COVID. We will start testing staff next week, followed by students who are attending remote leaning on site. We will then commence full testing when students return. The data protection information is published in our COVID-19 area of the website [link]. Please read if you have signed your child up. Students aged 16 and above need to sign their consent form. This will occur when they return to School. Parents can withdraw consent at any time.

House debating

Very well done to all the students who competed in the Year 11 House Public Speaking Competition this week. There were some excellent, very well presented and well researched talks and questions. The winners were Rawlinson with their talk on: It is class, not race that rules in Britain today. The winning Team was: Ava Farnsworth (Chairperson), Pollyanna Paterson (Main Speaker) & Emma Cowan (Questioner)

MACE debating

A report from Luna Akther (Year 12)

Amidst the changing legislation surrounding lockdown and return of students to school, the ESU Mace debating competition took place on the 12th of January – virtually. Though only three schools competed, four teams participated, and two debates took place, the proposed motions being: This house would ban job applicants from disclosing the names of educational institutions that they have attended and this house believes that the government economic policy should prioritise the collective happiness and well-being of the population over economic growth. Caistor Grammar School proposed the motion for the former debate.

The body of the argument made by the main speakers, Harry Nickells (Y12) and Luna Akther, encompassed topics such as discrimination in the workplace, lack of fluidity in social mobility and the lack of empathy received by the government. Some critical points of discussion included why existing legislation like the Equality Act of 2010 failed to provide an individual protection based on their financial background and the alarming lack of diversity in authoritative roles. The summary speaker, Eleanor Wood (Y12), closed the debate by evaluating the points, and reinforcing the proposing argument, as well as answering questions from the audience. 

It was an evening that will be cherished, and from a personal stance, I would encourage the younger years to participate in it.

Thanks to Mr McTernan for leading both events.

With best regards,

Alistair Hopkins