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Headmaster’s Letter 15th June 2018

Posted on 18th June 2018

Dear Parent,

Site development

We shared plans with students via the School Council earlier this week for our dining hall improvement and expansion scheme. We are working hard to see this put into effect over the Summer holiday. Mrs Buck, working with our building consultants, has been developing the scheme since last Autumn when a Condition Improvement Fund bid was submitted. We received approval in April. The funding has emerged as a result of the Sugar Tax. As well as expanding capacity into the current (and under utilised) home economics room, there will be a new queuing system, different eating areas, a new Year 11 ‘break-out’ zone to replace their current common room and an additional ‘cold’ servery. The seating capacity will also increase. I hope that with more seats, this will alleviate queues. Students, via the School council, have been asked to propose some colour schemes and suggest some names to for this area. You can view the proposed plans here.

Running concurrently to the dining hall bid, we also received planning permission for improvements to site security at the start of the month. The building work focuses on the top and lower entrances to the site. We received the CIF funding for this project last summer following an appeal. There have been many discussions with West Lindsey District Council planning department to ensure that any improvements are in keeping with the area, and in particular, (and this is important to me), to ensure that we do not become segregated from the town. I cannot give a date as to the commencement of the improvements but I hope that these will be in place over the course of the next academic year.

Summer Uniform

Summer uniform will start on Monday and will run until the end of the term. Students do not need to wear their blazers to school. However, if they choose to wear a coat to school then they must wear a blazer underneath. Boys can wear short sleeve shirts but these must not be rolled up any further. If long sleeve shirts are to be worn, then these should be rolled up neatly to just above the elbow. Other uniform expectations will remain in place regarding ear studs, ties, etc. The Sixth Form dress code also remains the same.

Change of date

The date of the Summer concert has moved from Tuesday 10 July to Tuesday 17 July due to other commitments for our musicians. The times remain the same (7pm). The art preview evening has also moved from 10 July to Friday 6 July.

Approved absences

As we move into the final few weeks of the term, I would like to remind you about the criteria for approved absences. I certainly don’t want to be accused of curtailing a family’s fun but the phrase ‘once in a lifetime experience’ has been presented several times as a justification for students missing school to attend sporting events and concerts recently. Every day at Caistor Grammar School is also a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ because education is precious. I do expect parents to ensure students are in school to attend classes in much the same way that parents (and I) expect teachers to be in school to support students’ education.

Sports day

… and finally. After a recount, for the first time in the School’s history, Sports Day was a draw. I am sure Ayscough will be magnanimous in sharing the revised spoils with Hansard. The final scores were: Ayscough 680; Hansard 680; Rawlinson 666. The full list of winners is on the website

Have a wonderful weekend,

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Hopkins