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Headmaster’s Letter 18th January

Posted on 18th January 2019



I clicked ‘send’ on the 80th and final UCAS application on Tuesday morning, eight hours before the 6pm deadline. 80 applications is a considerable achievement on the part of students, their teachers and their form tutors.  Both personal and academic statements are reviewed and re-written many times by the application’s authors before Mr McTernan reads each statement to each student.  I cannot think of another School where so much time, care and consideration is spent perfecting the prose of two pieces of extended writing.  After that comes the wait for offers, the visits to universities, deciding upon the first and insurance offer and then finally, results day in August where students often know the outcome of their A levels before coming to School because universities release their decisions at midnight.  I am very aware that each student’s journey is individual.  (For some university is not where they want to go next and that is perfectly fine.)  For those applying to higher education, the status of their next destination is personally unimportant to me – it’s the fact they have achieved their goals and have been empowered to make the choices for their future; that fills us all with a sense of a job well done.  With that in mind, I am publishing a list of ‘where we are at currently’ in terms of offers – it’s exciting to think that our Year 13 have so much potential and a bright future ahead of them.


Aberystwyth (1)

Angela Ruskin (1)

Bath (4)

Birbeck (Univ. Of London) (1)

Bedford (1)

Birmingham (2) Bournemouth (1)

Bradford (2)

Brighton (1)

Bristol (4)

Bristol (UWE) (1)

Cambridge (6)

Cardiff (2)

Chester (2)

Central Lancashire (1)

De Montfort (1)

Derby (2)

Durham (7)

UEA (Norwich) (3) Edinburgh (2)

Exeter (4)

Glasgow (2)

Huddersfield (4)

Hull (7)

Herriot-Watt (Edin.) (1)

Imperial College

(Univ. of London) (4)

King’s college (Univ. of London) (4)

Keele (2)

Lancaster (13)

University of Law (1)

Loughborough (5)

Leeds (13)

Leeds Beckett (5)

Leeds Trinity (1)

Leicester (3)

Lincoln (13)

Liverpool (9)

Manchester (9)

Manchester Met. (1)

Newcastle (14)

Northampton (3)

Northumbria (3)

Norwich (Arts) (1)

Nottingham (17)

Nottingham Trent (2)

Oxford (2)

Oxford Brookes (1)

Plymouth (2)

Portsmouth (1)

Queen Margaret (Edinburgh) (1)

Queen Mary (Univ. of London) (2)

Sheffield (15)

Sheffield Hallam (3)

Southampton (2)

Strathclyde (1)

Sunderland (1)

Surrey (1)

Swansea (2)

University College (Univ. of London) (2)

Warwick (10)

Worcester (1)

York (9)


That’s in excess of 200 offers so far with approximately 180 still to come!  I’ll endeavour to do this again next term but give an idea of the variety of courses that students have applied to.  It’s an exciting time for them as they consider their futures and will hopefully give Year 13 a tangible target as they commence the second week of their mock examinations.  Best of luck to them for next week.


House plays


Auditions took place this week for House Plays.  Last year’s event was regrettably postponed due to the snow in March, meaning we had to move to the School gym.  The town hall has been booked so I hope the snow holds off.  There will be a public performance on Wednesday 6 March at 7pm.  All are welcome.


Cross country


My apologies for the delay, but below I am publishing the names of the students who represented the School last month at the Wolds Cross-County race in Louth.  The students whose names are in bold have gone through to the county championship in Stamford tomorrow (Saturday).  Thanks to Mrs Buck, the students and parents that will be there tomorrow representing the School.


Year 7

BOYS: Rhys Smaller, Hugo Cullen, Jack Smith, Lucas Dawson, Will Crowe, Alex Smith, Joseph Reece, Omar Aldeek. GIRLS: Alice Fearn, Katie West, Ellie McBride, May Smith, Isabelle Baylis, Anna Lusby, Savannah Walker, Niamh Noble, Mollie Ross.

Year 8/9

BOYS: Louie Osborne, Robin Smith, Sam Taylor, Andrew Githu, Noah Barnett, Ben Spray, Joshua Knowles, Callum Miller. GIRLS: Claudia Smith, Sienna Osborne, Lucy Harper-Smith, Flora Jolly, Robyn Hanks, Alice Cross, Alice Lingard, Suzanne Bate.

Year 10

BOYS: Joel Cottingham, Henry Cullen, Freddie Fearn, Thom Harriman, George Lingard, Miles Peck. GIRLS: Ella MacPherson, Alisha Osborne, Cindy Bazoua, Martha Cornell, Abi White, Eve Hewitt, Victoria Lewandowski.


Physicist of the Year


Many congratulations to Siddharth Kamath (Y10) who has been selected to be a Physicist of the Year. Siddharth will receive his award, which is donated by the Ogden Trust,  tonight at the University of Lincoln. I’m thankful that Mr Cooke, the Head of Science, who will be there to see Siddharth receive his award.




A couple of opportunities for those students looking at careers in Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry

or who would like to consider working in ‘cyber’ careers at GCHQ  These are superb opportunities and well worth taking part in.


Friends’ Christmas List


Prior to my newsletter, I re-issued last November’s Friends’ Wishlist. Please do look and see if you can offer some material assistance to our departments.




We have several students that drive to School.  There was an incident on Thursday where a couple of cars, one of which was a student’s, partly blocked a bus trying to make its way through the town.  Please can parents remind students that they should park considerately in the town.  As requested before the town hall car park is vital for trade so students should not park there.


Tumble drier


The School tumble drier has been retired having served us for many, many years.  If you have a tumble drier that you could donate to the School then please contact the PE department via the email address in the letter head.  I put out a plea for mobile phones last year and was astonished by the positive response.  I hope a similar request will encourage a similar response.


Thank you for your support for the School,


Yours sincerely


Alistair Hopkins