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Headmaster’s Letter 20th September

Posted on 20th September 2019

Dear Parent,

Awards evening

We held our awards evening in the parish church last night. Our guest speaker was former student Cameron Richardson Eames, pianist, tenor and Fulbright scholar, who was head boy (2010-11). He has had an impressive career to date and I invite you to read his biography in the Awards evening programme which is now on the website. The evening in the school calendar acknowledges both students’ achievements and staffs’ contribution to the life of the School. The evening’s aim is to affirm those sorts of achievement that can be obscured by statistics and data. I frequently say that every student has a story to tell and Thursday night tells the best. Thank you to families that came to support the students too. Cameron gave some very good advice to students one of which was that failure is not the opposite to success; instead, it is a part of eventual success.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

The annual coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support will take place in school on Friday 27th September, from 10am to 12pm.  Year 11 are organising the morning and have been working hard to publicise the event in school since they started back.  Students are being encouraged to bake cakes for sale and bring cash with them on the morning, so we can raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause.  If you would like to attend, you would be very welcome.


Be Aware

The Be Aware section of the website shares information with parents about issues currently facing students, especially areas where students might be vulnerable. I have copied an article from last week’s The Sunday Times which warns parents about money laundering gangs targeting students and their bank accounts. Click here if you’d like to read it. Please note, we have not received any reports of students here being targeted. However, 5,819 students aged 14-18 were tricked into using their accounts for money laundering last year.


Library volunteers

At this time of year our librarian, Mrs Jago, has to do the impossible: producing the School play as well as run the Library.    I am looking for volunteers who could help her by covering in the Library on  an occasional basis, for anything from an hour to a complete day.  If you could help, please contact Mrs Jago either on the school telephone number, or via email

North Kelsey Road

Having highlighted traffic issues on Church Street last week, I would like to focus your attention towards the bottom end of school this week. Please avoid dropping students off or collecting them from opposite the school on North Kelsey Road. If you could use the town playing field car park further down the hill it would help. The level of congestion is causing problems for traffic flow which, in turn, affects our neighbours.



Term time holidays and planned absences

I note that a small number of students started this new school year late because families had booked a holiday that ran into the new school term. I must remind parents that term time holidays will not be granted. Every day in school is important. I would rightly be inundated with complaints from parents if they found that their child’s class teacher had taken an extended break because holidays were cheaper or because it was more convenient for the flight home. I ask as ever that if you know of an up and coming absence, please can you submit forms as early as possible. The administration team do a super job contacting home for unexplained absences. It’s not the best use of their time to find that a parent intends to submit the form on the child’s return. To help you plan absences and holidays, the term dates until July 2021 are on line.



Isaac Cornell has been invited to attend trials next month for the U16 GB Ice Hockey team.


All good wishes,

Alistair Hopkins