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Headmaster’s Letter 31st March

Posted on 31st March 2021

Dear Parent,

We’ve reached the end of a very ‘different’ term. Despite all that has been achieved in remote learning, I cannot but help feeling deflated starting the Easter break. I’ve had my belated hot chocolate meetings with Year 7 since we returned, and they are all keen to explore their School and to experience the ‘extras’ that are part of school life. I feel disappointed for them especially, as well as Years 11 and 13, who are seeing a very different end to their exam year.

It is exciting however to think that we might be able to relax some of the restrictions by the end of next term. We are planning various inter school events for July to try to give some impetus to the end of the school year. Beyond that, we ‘re looking to resume Duke of Edinburgh expeditions again and an Autumn production is in the early planning stages.

As a parental body, you have been very vocal in supporting the teachers for what has been achieved. I’d like to thank you for that support since we returned. The uniform (whether that’s the PE kit or the ‘day’ uniform) has been worn with pride and it’s helped to create that sense of belonging that was disorientated by the last lockdown. Thank you for your support here too.

I’ve divided this letter into two parts: School news comes first and COVID updates follow. Please read both as there’s important information contained within.

Senior Prefect Team

After a two-round process, we have a new Senior Prefect Team. They are:

Head Girl: Ella Clark

Head Boy: Ben Shale

Senior Team: Rhianna Humphrey, Ben McCarthy, Harry Nickells, Theo Powell-Howard

As we welcome a new team, it’s right to say thank you to our departing team of Rory, Nisha, Pawel, Toby, Elana and Aidan. Their ‘year’ was not what they had expected. They missed out on their traditional ’focus week’ as well as the opportunity to address whole school assemblies, the governing body, open events and award evenings. They did though form an important link between the student body and the senior leadership team. They advised, campaigned, listened and represented. They were wonderful role models throughout a challenging year and, despite the sparsity of opportunity they were abundant in their wise counsel and status amongst the school community.


The Music department has produced a virtual CD of some of their lockdown recordings. You can access the recordings here. [link] They are brilliant. Thanks to Maya McCann, our performing art technician, and Andrew Gibson, IT Network Manager, for assembling the tracks. Miss McCann was keen to acknowledge the support of teachers Mrs Thompson, Mr Robinson and Mrs Allan with the production and their accompaniment. In addition, a special mention to Rory Longcake who recorded and edited the pieces.

Road safety

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has produced a useful leaflet reminding parents about safe parking outside Schools. Please continue to respect traffic flow and parking around the School site. [link]

Careers Matters

Mrs Watson, our independent careers advisor, has published Careers Matters for March. You can access it on our careers page [link] Lots of opportunities are contained within.


There’s a great deal of information on our Be Aware page outlining agencies that can support students and families over the holidays. [link] The document Safeguarding over the Holidays is a good starting point.

COVID updates

COVID home testing

All students participating in the home testing scheme received their kits via form tutors from Mrs Sharp this week. Please ensure that they self-test throughout the holiday, every three to five days. Please ensure that they take one test 24 hours before we return to School on Monday 19 April, ideally that morning.

Please note that the Lateral Flow Device tests are designed to identify asymptomatic cases. If you or your child develops COVID symptoms [link] you will need to book a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at a test centre. You will need to book a confirmatory PCR test if your home LFD test is also positive. You will need to self-isolate until a negative PCR test. Anyone who develops COVID symptoms still needs to self-isolate for 10 days or until they receive a negative result from a PCR test.

Contact tracing

We will be contact tracing until the end of Tuesday 6 April. If your child returns a positive COVID test (either PCR or LFD) then please email with the child’s name and identify their close contacts in School outside lessons and who they sat close to if they travel on a bus. Please include the bus service number. We will contact close contacts in School by ParentMail. If a student returns a negative PCR test following a positive LFD test (see above), we will also make you aware.


Facemask guidance will be reviewed by the Government over the holiday. Students should be prepared to wear a facemask on their return.

I wish you and your families a restful holiday,


Alistair Hopkins