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Headmaster’s Letter 3rd May

Posted on 3rd May 2019

Dear Parent,

Student questionnaire

The outcomes of this year’s student questionnaire are on the school website. Please click here to read the data. As well as the raw data, there is an accompanying document where the outcomes have been recorded for 2017, 2018 and 2019. I won’t give you a running commentary – I hope you can divine the conclusions for yourself. The most impressive outcome was the work of the school council. Students feel that they have made demonstrable improvements to the school over the last three years and I am pleased to see student voice recognised by their peers.


Students in Years 11 and 13 have four and nine days remaining respectively before they commence study leave. Inevitably, the impending exam season can bring anxiety to some. I have uploaded a new leaflet from DragonFly Training that could help you and your child manage any issues related to anxiety, not just in these years but in all years. I hope you find it useful. You can find this resource on the Be Aware page of the website.

Open evening

The school’s Open Evening is on Wednesday 15 May, 6pm to 8pm. We had over 300 families visiting last year, which was more than we had anticipated. We ran out of guides and so I’m asking for as many students as possible in the lower years to be able to attend. Our students are the best example that we can offer to those visiting of what CGS does. Their pride in their school means that we can continue to offer an informative evening for those that aspire to join our small community. Every student is more than capable of communicating their pride and enjoyment of school so please do help us by enabling them to attend.

Student absences

Please will parents help the school by informing us EVERY day if a student is absent for illness. You can email ( or leave a message on the school answer phone. On Thursday, the admin team had to call 10 parents for routine absences. This seems an unnecessary burden. Thank you for doing your bit to ease workload!


Isaac Cornell (Y9) travelled to Turku, Finland, with the England U15 ice hockey team for an international tournament. The team won the silver medal. Russia won gold so this is a fantastic achievement as mainland European countries are far more advanced in their ice hockey set up than England. To be selected for the U15 team involved attending three selection camps over the course of the year: 60 began the process but only 18 were selected…. Alex O’Donoghue (Y7) was one of over 100 competitors from 14 countries participating in a cubing competition at Lincoln University organised by the World Cube Association. Alex took part in six events: Megaminx, skewb, 3×3, 2×2, 4×4 and 3×3 one handed. He passed to the second round in the 3×3. Alex was either the youngest or second youngest competitor on the two days of competition. Alex is able to solve the 3×3 cube in about 17 seconds and will be competing in the Leeds Open 2019 at the end of July.

I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend,

Yours sincerely

Alistair Hopkins