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Headmaster’s Letter 8th February

Posted on 8th February 2019

Dear Parents.

Small Schools Cup – quarter final vs Wolverhampton Grammar School (home)

The Year 7 Football team won their quarter final of the Small Schools Cup against Wolverhampton Grammar School on Monday.  They face St Bede’s, Manchester, at home. The provisional date is Thursday 28 February.  Here is Isaac Lee’s match report.

On Monday 4th, the Year 7 football team had a quarter finals game.  It was the biggest game we have had so we were nervous.  It was against Wolverhampton Grammar School.  It was a 3-0 win for Caistor, however it was still a very close game.  Our first goal was scored by Lucas Dawson.  It was a shot from outside of the box.  It went over the goal keeper and into the net.  It was an ambitious shot but everyone knew that he was capable of scoring from that range.

After that, it gave us more confidence.  After our goal though, our opponents did not want to lose this game so they didn’t give up.  On Wolverhampton’s left wing, they had a number seven who was very physical and fast.  He was determined to get a goal but our defence was able to stop him getting through to the goal.  Our second goal was scored by Joe Reece from a corner.  Lucas Dawson got the ball into the opponent’s box and Joe got to the ball and managed to swivel round to hit the target.  Shortly after, the half time whistle was blown.  We had a great first half.  We just needed to keep up the hard work.

Wolverhampton though did not want to lose so the second half was tough.  The third goal was scored from another corner by again, Joe Reece.  The corner was crossed in to the box where Joe then controlled the ball so he could slot it into the net.  There was 20 minutes left of the game when the opposition’s number 7 and 17 passed between them up to the edge of the box, then number 7 had a clear shot so Matthew Quill had no choice but to make a sliding tackle.  Unfortunately it was in the box so it was a penalty.  The penalty taker shot to his right and Jack Smith dived.  He got to the ball and he saved it, he was so happy.  In the last 15 minutes before the final whistle, Rhys Drury came off the pitch and his replacement was Kishoor Vasuthevan.  We almost scored again when Kishoor hit the crossbar but it did not quite go in.

Once the final whistle was blown we were all so happy and relieved that it was over and that we had just got into the semi-finals of the English Schools’ Cup.  In the changing rooms we were given a drink and a cookie to relax after what we had achieved.  Lucas Dawson was voted Player’s Player.  He had an outstanding game with his passes, shots and crosses.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Mr Shutes helping with our corners and positioning.


On Saturday at the Games Workshop in Grimsby, we played in the local heats for the National competition.  Both teams qualified and they will now go on to play in the semi-finals of Warhammer World in Nottingham.  Congratulations to following Y8 students: Team 1: Charles Barnett, Ethan Beckett; Jack Dowthwaite and Joe Glentworth.  Team 2: George Wood; Jacob Terry; Myles Ravenscroft and Will WhittonJoe Wilkinson (Y13) was on hand to advise on tactics and he will accompany the team to Nottingham as ‘special consultant’.  We would all like to thank Mrs Glentworth and Mrs Dowthwaite for their support and Mrs Donoghue who co-ordinates the activity.

English Schools’ Cross Country Championships

Following their success in the county championships, the following students have been selected to represent the county at the English Schools’: Ella MacPherson (Inter girls); Henry Cullen (Inter boys) with Joel Cottingham as first reserve; Thomas Christie (Senior Boys) has been selected as first reserve.  Alice Fearn also ran a great race finishing 20th in the Year 7 girls in the Anglian Championships but unfortunately, her age group is not represented at the Nationals.

English Speaking Union

Our Year 11 speaking team won the Lincolnshire round of the English Speaking Union competition in Lincoln on Wednesday night.  The team consisted of Toby Barnett, Kamya Gandhi  and Vignesh Kamath.  They now proceed to the regional finals at Leeds Grammar School on Saturday 2 March.  This will be the third year in a row that Y11 teams have made the finals so it is right to acknowledge Mr McTernan on his stewardship and management of our students.

British Maths Olympiad

Daniel Bassett has gained a distinction in the second round of the British Maths Olympiad. Mr Frost, the Head of Maths, says that this is the first time that a student has received this acknowledgement since he has been the Head of Department.


Harry Potter Night

The Library hosted their annual Harry Potter night yesterday evening. As ever, the event is eagerly anticipated and cannot work without Professor McGonagall (Mrs Jago) or this year’s special guest Professor Dumbledore (Mr Cooke). Our Year 9 Literacy Leaders also play a key role and they are: Jessica Allan, Lilly Bell, Abigail Burkill, Evie Chappell, Henry Clark, Emma Cowan, Charlotte DaveySanaya Kurukula, Hania Obaid, Emily Quill, Beth Roberts and Ellie Stothard.


Men ACWY and Teenage Booster Vaccinations

Parents of students in Year 9 are reminded that sent information before Christmas on ParentMail about consenting online to the above vaccination.  Parents can decline the vaccination but currently there are 27 outstanding replies.  The letter has been attached again. Any queries about completing the form should be sent to the school nurse team as per the letter.  The date planned for the vaccinations in school is Monday 25 February.  If the form is not completed, then students cannot receive the vaccination.

UCAS offers

I wrote last month congratulating Y13 students on the range of offers that they had received by January 15, the closing date for university applications.  This week I sent Y12 students a link to The Guardian’s University Guide so that, if they’re considering university for September 2020/21, they can start researching the ‘best’ course for their subject now.

I have written occasionally about the danger of the unconditional offer.  Statistically, students with unconditional offers do underperform and so I’m pleased to see that the University of Nottingham will cease unconditional offers for the 2020 entry.  This is a brave move, but I’m pleased to see that the university acknowledges the importance of independent study skills. As for current students in receipt of unconditional offers, they should remember that A level grades are still considered by employers even when applicants are in their 30s and 40s.

All best wishes for the weekend,

Yours sincerely

Alistair Hopkins