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Headmaster’s Letter April 27th 2018

Posted on 27th April 2018

Dear Parent,

English Speaking Union

Congratulations to three students in Year 11 who last Saturday were awarded the runners up prize in the final round of the English Speaking Union. Students Jyothi Cross, Toby Hibbert and Tegan Hinch gave a fantastic presentation at Churchill College, Cambridge. It is a marvellous achievement considering that 400 schools enter the competition every year. The list of recent winners and runners up on the ESU website shows that the School is on an equal footing with larger, more famous Schools in the country. Thank you to Mr McTernan, parents and staff that travelled down to Cambridge to support our students.


Inappropriate language

In a recent School council meeting, students relayed a concern that there had been a couple of incidents at School recently where inappropriate and hurtful comments had been made about either a students’ race, gender, etc. These two incidents occurred outside lessons. The School has a robust, zero tolerance policy about this type of discrimination. I said in assembly this week that I do not believe that the terms were used maliciously or were students’ sincere opinions but I need this very small number of students to think extremely carefully about the impact that their language has on others. Please can you support the School in this at home if the topic comes up.



We have been working hard at ensuring all students in Years 7 to 11 conform to the high expectations we have regarding uniform. Over time, aspects of the uniform rules do change to ensure that they match contemporary thinking. One change that was made last term concerns earrings. Following discussions with the School council, it was agreed that the old rule of wearing a ‘stud’ in the earlobe only was no longer relevant and so it would be acceptable to be able to wear a stud in any part of the ear. Please can I restate that it is only ONE stud per ear. These small uniform infringements are an unnecessary distraction particularly when the rules are stated frequently.


Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme

Well done to the 48 students that completed their Bronze practice over the weekend. Thank you to the staff and volunteers that also gave up their weekend voluntarily to assist. Thank you to Mr Smy, Mr and Mrs Leaning, Mrs Sharp, Mr Shepherd, Mr and Mrs Moffat, Mr Harris, Mr Dawson and Mrs Hitchcock. The scheme could not operate without them so, again, I am asking for more volunteers from parents and friends of the School to step forward to assist. Several thousands of students have benefitted from this very worthwhile scheme over the years, which is recognised internationally by universities and businesses as giving students some very worthwhile skills. If a parent whose child has benefitted from Duke of Edinburgh could give up a weekend once in their time at CGS then this would ensure the scheme could run smoothly and at the very low cost we currently offer. Please contact the School through the enquiries email address if you would like to participate. I am also looking for a new manager for the scheme: again, if this paid post is of interest, please contact me for an informal discussion.


Three Peaks Challenge

I try to publish as many students names as possible in the newsletter to acknowledge current and sometimes past students’ successes and achievements. It is therefore a ‘first’ to mention the names of students that will be joining the School in Year 7 in September 2018. I would like to thank (and welcome) incoming students Joseph Reece, Matthew Quill and Noah Newbould and current Year 8 students Abby Reece and Emily Quill for their upcoming attempt at the Yorkshire Three Peaks on the weekend of the 19th and 20th May. The five are raising funds for the Friends of Caistor Grammar School, who, as you know, provide items that benefit all students. If you’d like to support, here’s their donation page.


Till assistants

We’re currently advertising for additional support staff to help in the dining hall on the tills. If you are interested, please complete an application form on the website.

Kind regards,


Alistair Hopkins