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History Balloon Debate

Posted on 4th April 2014

This year’s Y9 History Balloon Debate Competition was a roaring success with every one of the 9 finalists producing a memorable performance.

Here is a picture of all 9 finalists.
See the table below with names of candidates and their chosen roles.
Emma Thomsen                             Richard III
Omar Khaled                                   Omar Mukhtar
Chris Durham                                  Tim Berners-Lee
Louis Debnam                                  Audie Murphy
Grace McGrory                                 Elizabeth I
Powly Wijayaratna                            Mary Seacole
Pippa Bradley                                   Alexander Fleming
Georgina Walkington                        William Wilberforce
Gabriella Clark                                  Eva Peron
The winning 3 students were:  Chris Durham in first place, Pippa Bradley in second place and Georgina Walkington in third place.  Here is a picture of them.