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House Plays 2015

Posted on 5th March 2015

“Our two days of House plays were a tremendous success earlier this week and in a very real sense “every one was a winner”.  Further, our prestigious adjudicator, Mr Russell Hills, awarded both competitions to Ayscough for “Matilda” and “Barry Trotter”.  Hansard’s plays were “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (Juniors) and “The Sleepover” (Seniors).  The plays for Rawlinson were “Despicable Me” (Juniors) and “Murder in Wonderland” (Seniors).  The public performance of all three Junior plays and the winning Senior play was very much appreciated by our audience.

We are extremely grateful to these students who took part and especially to those Sixth Formers who wrote, directed and produced the plays.  These include:  Katherine Briggs, Jasmine Grierson, Sreemoyee Ghosh, Bethany Laverick, Noah Phillips, Ali McNeil, Ellie Robey and many others.  We are very grateful to Mr Robert Harris for his co-ordinating role and the support given by Miss Emily Mackin, our Performing Arts Technician.”

Photos of the plays taken by Francesca Altoft and Angus Haswell can be seen here