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Maths leaders visit to Kelsey Primary School

Posted on 15th November 2013

Kelsey Primary School 029 Kelsey Primary School 037 Kelsey Primary School 052 Kelsey Primary School 054 Kelsey Primary School 057The Maths leaders (Kellan Masharani, James Smith, Nisha Pungi, Azreen Afzal, Molly Craig, Jak Pickerden, Jan Chauhan and Peter Taylor) had a very successful visit to North Kelsey Primary School. They developed a carousel of fun but informative maths activities which they tried out on year 4s, 5s and 6s. The activities included calculating areas, introducing and estimating pi, learning the maths behind some card tricks and solving Rubik’s cubes. It was inspiring to see young people experiencing, enjoying and talking about maths with each other. Well done to all involved.